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Ubisoft Connect, previously called Uplay, is a digital distribution platform where gamers can purchase and store their favourite Ubisoft titles in one location. The platform offers convenient access to these games and provides players with multiplayer features and an achievement centre to earn trophies for completing in-game challenges. These rewards are highly sought-after by dedicated players who take pride in showcasing their accomplishments to the world. With Ubisoft Connect, players can easily manage their Game library while engaging with a thriving community of fellow gamers.
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The Ubisoft Connect games catalogue boasts an impressive lineup of top-tier titles, which can make it difficult to choose what to play next. If you're unsure of which Ubisoft game to choose, here are some great examples to make your decision easier.

The Assassin's Creed series is a must-play, revolving around the never-ending conflict between Assassins and the Templar Order that spans centuries. With the aid of the Animus machine, players relive the past of their Assassin ancestors to find clues to aid the Assassins in their modern-day fight against the templars. Get ready for an intriguing fictional storyline inspired by actual historical events and figures, combined with plenty of stealth and parkour action.

Another excellent option to consider is the Far Cry series, which offers vast virtual worlds that can be explored freely from the start. These beautiful tropical landscapes are a visual delight, but they are also dangerous and filled with enemies, so caution is advised.

Ubisoft also offers other games such as Rayman EA Plays, The Crew, Anno 2070, Dishonored, and the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series, among others. Whether you prefer racing games, stealth games, platformers, or strategies, there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive player, Ubisoft has a lot to offer.

Redeeming games on Ubisoft Connect is a simple process that involves installing, launching, and logging into the platform. To redeem a purchased code, click on the three lines icon after logging in and select the "Activate a key" option. Once the activation is successful, the newly acquired game will appear on your account, allowing you to download and play it.

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