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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Driffle?

    • Driffle is an e-commerce company offering digital gaming products including games, gift cards, DLCs and more.
    • Our Support Team is ready to help in case you have questions, concerns or unresolved matters. We protect our users providing clear solutions and safeguard data.
    • You can find more information about Driffle in our About.
    • Also, you can check our  Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • How do I register?

    • If you want to register an account, click on ‘Sign up’, then fill the required information.
      • Enter your e-mail address and password.
      • Confirm your email.
    • You can also choose to login through some of the available social media sites like Facebook, Google, Discord etc.
  • How to buy?

    • If you’re new on Driffle or just not sure where to start, don’t worry! We have this easy step-by-step guide for you to quickly buy the game you like!
    • The first step – registration – is optional. You don’t need to register on our page to buy anything, but if you do you will have access to all your keys in one place and easy login via social apps! If you decide to register before buying then simply click on ‘Sign up’ and fill in the information required.
    • After you verify your email – done! You are now part of our Driffle family. You can even subscribe to a newsletter to receive the latest news and sales.
    • Now that you have your account all set up (you can find how to link your social apps here) you are ready to purchase your favorite games! You can browse through Driffle by categories, price, popularity, platform, etc. Once you find the game (or bundle) that you like select it and you will be taken to the product page. Make sure the game is for the platform you want and that you will not be restricted from activating the game in your location nor will you have any troubles running the game by checking the system specifications.
    • If you decide to buy the game, don’t forget to scroll down and check other offers. There you can see other Vendors’ offers which may differ in sale terms and conditions including delivery, payment, and return terms.
    • Once the offer is chosen, click on “Add to cart” if you want to continue browsing or “Buy now” and you will be instantly taken to checkout.
    • In checkout you can review your order and use a discount code for your purchase. You can receive discount codes with your newsletter, so don’t forget to subscribe! In the next step select a payment method - Driffle provides you with many options - and fill in the payment details. When the payment goes through - voila! You have a CD-key to activate your game. You can copy the key from our page (‘My Library’ if you are a registered user) or from the confirmation email we sent you. You can check these guides on how to activate your game for a specific platform.
  • How to activate my product key?

    • You may have noticed that games can be activated on different platforms. Please be aware that some games might not be available globally or would work in particular regions only. You will find all of this information on the product page. Make sure you choose the right region and suitable platform before processing your purchase.
    • We also prepared you a guide to make it simple, check it here.
  • How can I contact you?

    • In case you cannot find the answers you’re looking for in our knowledge base, or if you are having some issues with your purchase, our Customer Support is available to help you resolve them. Depending on the issue or questions you’re having, you can contact us here. All you need to do is select a category that your issue is related to, fill the required information and submit. Provide us with as many details as you can which will lead to us resolving the query faster.


  • What is service fee?

    • A service fee, also known as a service charge, is a fee collected to pay for services related to the product or product service. It’s a standard practice applied in a variety of industries, from banking to travel and tourism, to eCommerce. When collected, these charges cover services rendered to the consumer as well as administrative or processing costs such as customer support.
  • I did not receive any email confirmation of my purchase.

    • Please check that you used correct email address when you made your purchase. Just in case, also check your spam folder.
    • You can also check your orders in ‘My Library’ where all the information, including the key, is provided.
    • Please also check if the transaction was successful and you received a payment confirmation from your payment provider.
    • If you still cannot find any information about the particular purchase please contact our Support Team.


  • What are the available paying methods on Driffle?

    • We support a great variety of payment methods, in order to provide the best services and satisfy all of our customers. Therefore you can select from UPI, debit and credit cards, Net Banking, and more.
    • The payment methods made available to you on the checkout page are limited by the vendor, your region, and the type of product you’re trying to buy. If you don’t see a specific payment method in the list, it means that, sadly, you won’t be able to use it to complete this purchase.
  • What should I do if my transaction has failed?

    • In case the transaction was rejected please make sure that:
      • You have enough balance available;
      • You have provided correct personal information;
    • If all of the above are correct, your balance will be returned to your account. In case you haven’t received it back, please contact our Support Team.


  • Do I need to register an account in order to purchase?

    • You can easily start buying products from our platform without registration. Just pick a product that you like, put it to your cart and buy it whenever you want or select ‘Buy Now’ and buy it right now. You will simply need to write your e-mail address and go to payment.
    • We would still recommend you to create an account if you want to track all of your purchases in one place since that would give you an access to your purchase library.
    • Registration would also give you access to other features, thus you would be able to fully explore Driffle.
  • My IP was blocked from accessing your site, what should I do?

    • If you have received an error saying that your IP is blocked please make sure:
      • You are not using VPN or Proxy.
      • Clean cookies and cache.
      • Try to use a different browser.
    • If you have tried all of the above and still experiencing issues please contact our Support Team.


  • Redeemed a key on Steam, but the game disappeared from my library

    • If you received a message that a game was removed from your Steam library, please submit a ticket to Support providing these screenshots:
      • Notification message from Steam Support, informing about the game being removed from your account;
      • Your Games Library where the revoked game details are visible;
      • Your Steam account licenses and product key activations.
    • Please make sure that the screenshots are fullscreen and show your computers date and time.
  • When I try to activate my product key I receive an error, what should I do?

    • If you receive an ‘invalid’ error message while trying to activate a game, do not worry. Before creating a ticket please make sure that:
      • You are activating the game on appropriate platform;
      • Double check if the code you typed in is correct;
      • If you are certain that the above criteria are met and the key is still not working, simply create a Support ticket.
    • If you receive an error message that your code has already been used, please make sure to do the following:
      • Before you submit a support ticket, try to log out from your account, and the log in again;
      • Recheck your library, since it can take some time for game to appear in the list;
      • If game will not appear in your library, contact our Support Team with all the details about your issue.
    • In case your key is region locked, it means you purchased a game that is not supported in your region or country.
    • Note: in all of these cases, when you contact the Support Team about your issue, please provide all the needed information, included screenshots of the error, to make the resolve as smooth and quick as possible.
  • Where can I see if your product can be activated in my country?

    • Most games on Driffle can be activated anywhere, however, some might be available to certain regions only. You can find region tags for where the game is available on the product page:
      • Global (available everywhere)
      • Europe (Europe)
      • North America (North America)
      • Latin America (Latin America)
      • Russia (Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States)
      • ASIA (Asia)
      • RU VPN (available everywhere, but requires Russian VPN to activate)
      • Australia (Australia)
      • Brazil (Brazil)
      • China (China)
      • Germany (Germany)
      • India (India)
      • Japan (Japan)
      • RoW (available everywhere, but with certain exceptions)
      • Outside Europe (available everywhere except Europe)
      • United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
      • United States (United States)
    • On the product page you will see if the game is available to you based on your current location.
  • Where can I find the product key that I purchased?

    • After purchasing on Driffle you will receive your product key in 2 ways and can check it through:
      • Your Driffle account, My Library section (Only available if you’re a registered user);
      • Your email (don’t forget to check your spam/ junk folder).
  • Can’t see my purchased key

    • If you received your key via email or Driffle library but are having trouble to display your purchased key, there might be several reasons that might have caused this issue. We would ask that you please keep these suggestions in mind:
    • If you have requested a refund, the key will not be displayed;
    • Please make sure that you don’t have any sort of software that can block data enabled (VPN, AdBlocker, etc);
    • Clean your cookies or try using a different browser;
    • Try using your browser’s incognito mode;
    • Use a different device (like your smartphone);
    • If the problem persists, please don’t hesitate to let our Support team know via our Help Center.