Top Rated Xbox Games 2023

The year 2023 has been full of excitement for Xbox enthusiasts. While most of gmaers have mastered playing the most popular game of the year, some of you might still be figuring your way out! So here we are with the list of Top Rated Xbox Games of 2023. 

Let’s get started

Alan Wake 2 (IMDB Rating- 9.4)

Topping the list is the psychological horror game, Alan Wake 2 exceeding the expectations set by its predecessor with an IMDB rating of 9.4. The game has garnered praise for its amazing storyline and captivating gameplay. The opportunity to explore Remedy Entertainment’s world and take advantage of everything it has to offer is what the fans are excitedly awaiting.

Cyberpunk 2077: phantom liberty (IMDB Rating- 9.4)

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Despite of its uneven start, Cyberpunk 2077: phantom liberty gained an incredible imdb rating of 9.4. The captivating open world setting along with an engaging gameplay and storyline regained the players enthusiasm. CD Projekt Red’s effor towards making the game better did actuallyu revived peoples interests resulting in the game being listed among the top rated games of the year. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (IMDB Rating- 9.0)

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The Game with an IMDB Rating of 9.0 has become a force to be reckoned within the xbox gaming market. The game is a blend of lightsaber action with an intruiging gameplay and storyline set in the well-known star wars universe. The game has a different hype attracting the fans to immerse in the game and explore the galaxy far away and live their jedi dreams. 

Dead Space (IMDB Rating- 9.0)

The game, Dead Space made it to the list of Top rated Xbox Games of 2023 with a rating of 9.0. The Game has made it’s place after returning with a redesigned horror experience. The Game not only brought the legendary series back to life but also builded up a lot of excitement in the gamers for a jaw dropping and immersive journey. 

The eerie corridors of the Ishimura await, and players are eager to face the horrible creatures that lurk underneath, making “Dead Space” a must-play in 2023.

Halo Infinite (IMDB Rating- 8.6)

The famed Master Chief triumphantly returns in “Halo Infinite,” getting an IMDb rating of 8.6/10. The game lives up to the hype surrounding its release, perfectly capturing the essence of the well-known franchise. The multiplayer action, along with an intriguing plot, has kept players glued to their screens, confirming “Halo Infinite” as an important title in the Xbox lineup.

Hogwarts Legacy (IMDB Rating- 8.7)

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Hogwarts Legacy” has an IMDb rating of 8.7 and brings magic to life. The intriguing RPG experience centered in Harry Potter’s wizarding realm has sparked a lot of interest among fans. Players are eager to explore the magical regions, hone their talents, and solve the secrets of Hogwarts, which distinguishes this title in the Xbox gaming landscape.

Street Fighter 6 (IMDB Rating- 8.4)

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Street Fighter 6” retains its status as a heavyweight in the fighting game genre, with an IMDb rating of 8.4. The diverse character roster, finely tuned mechanics, and breathtaking visuals have exceeded fighting game fans’ expectations. The excitement generated by its release illustrates the Street Fighter franchise’s enduring popularity.

Starfield (IMDB Rating- 8.0)

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Starfield” rounds out our list with an IMDb rating of 8.0. The excitement induced by the wide and vivid universe, full of unknown planets and valiant discoveries, propels “Starfield” as an intriguing addition to the Xbox gaming roster. Bethesda’s attention to detail and commitment to player agency pays off, resulting in a game that has piqued gamers’ interest.