Top 10 Halloween Games to Play this Spooky Season!

Halloween season calls for a spook! Don’t worry, gamers; Driffle has just the right video Game recommendations to choose from a wide range of horror games to satisfy your spooky bone or join in on the fun with a more whimsical end of the spectrum! Here are the top 10 Halloween Games to BOO-st your gaming fun!

Explore the Spookiest Games of the Season

We’d like to present a roster filled with games that’ll give you the spook and appease the festive season of Halloween in gaming with your pals.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

When we talk about horror, it’s inevitable to not think about Resident Evil, especially this year! Resident Evil 4 Remake is THE horror Game of the year. With a classic spook revamped to give you the perfect jumpscare! 

With the classic coming back 17 years later, enjoy the fan-favorite horror series special to give you the ultimate spook! Traverse through obscure villages of Spain as your favorite Leon S. Kennedy. Raccoon City may not have even prepared you for the horrors you’re about to experience. 

With better graphics, more action, enhanced campaigns, and better jumpscares, delve into Kennedy’s world to complete the mission assigned to you. We hope you make it alive! 

Get ready to Game, and prepare to embark on a Quest to locate the President’s daughter! Gather your energy drinks and prepare to play the weekend away! 

Doom Eternal 

It’s doomsday if you think about it?! The festive spirit is high, and the spirits are all around, so get into the inferno and battle it with the most gruesome monsters! 

This is an unlikely horror-themed Game where you have to combat brutal monsters. Yet, as you play, you can find the lines getting blurry between who is the monster and who is the hero. Embark on a journey where emerging victorious means seeping into madness! 

Enjoy the best of Doom, whose critical acclamation is: “best in the collection so far” this festive season! 

Dead by Daylight 

Want to experience the thrill of the holiday season like the famous titles? Get ready to be Freddy Krueger-ed as you play Dead by Daylight

Not only is there the thrill of being chased, but you get to experience what it is like to be on the flipside! It is a survival horror where you try to live as killers are set loose to catch, torment, and ultimately kill you. Experience the thrill of being caught and trying to escape by daylight. 

You also get to play with the actual Freddy Krueger! There are fan-favorite killers inspired by your favorite pop-culture horror stars such as Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers! 

Enjoy a thrilling hunting experience or be hunted with Dead By Daylight this Halloween! 

Cult of the Lamb 

A cute game about lambs, right? Sike! It’s a cult! Anyone who dares to go against you shall perish! 

With an adorable set of animation and the evilest intentions, Cult of the Lamb makes up for a classic spooky season play (if you’re into cults). Recruit members to join your cult and become the worshipers of evil gods. Grow your cult, for Evil must prevail, well, even if you’re a lamb! There’s possession, there’s action, there’s adventure and there’s strategy, all combined into one game for you to enjoy.

Cult of the Lamb is an indie game for anyone who likes cute animation with the most gruesome intentions! This game is the perfect brew of sugar, spice, and everything NOT NICE! 

Alan Wake Remastered 

Being an author and living with your wife sounds like a peaceful life, right? 

Uncovering the mystery of his wife who disappeared, the author realizes that he’s living through the very story he wrote… 

A 10-hour gameplay that’ll traverse you through the worst of your nightmares in a story you’ve written definitely seems like a nightmare since it’s a horror story! Play Alan Wake Remastered, designed for modern consoles as well, so you can enjoy the terror how you want to! 

This game will keep you hooked until you finish it. As you enter into a desperate tussle against time, fate, and the events that’ll unfold, this horror classic makes up for the perfect play on the spooky weekend. 

Diablo 2: Resurrected 

Surf through hell like never before! Your favorite classic RPG Diablo 2: Resurrected is back, where you get to explore different realms of the underworld through 5 remastered acts! 

Battle your way to the chilly peak of Mount Arreat and confront Baal, the Lord of Destruction, by exploring icy dungeons, horrifying tombs stuffed with undead monsters, and frozen wastelands. The crafty Assassin, a master of traps and shadow arts, and the ferocious Druid, a fearless shapeshifter and summoner who masters primordial elemental magic, are two playable classes in Lord of Destruction that can raise hell! 

Explore the depths of the inferno as you confront the Lord of Destruction in this action-adventure game this holiday season! 

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach 

Don’t trust your toys this spooky season! A classic inversion of the law and order of your toys being cute little objects to unleash the inner madness and malice, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach offers you the best of spook this season! 

Explore Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Plex in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. As Gregory, a young child who was trapped in the Pizzaplex one night, you must escape with the help of Freddy Fazbear himself.

Enjoy the fun of malicious toys this spooky season if you’re looking for some Chucky-like thrill in gaming with strategizing! 

Little Nightmares 1+2 

A dark and whimsical tale of your childhood nightmares coming to life sounds like a trippy experience, doesn’t it? Little Nightmares starts slow yet takes you on a horrifying and eerie journey as you aid Six in escaping the Maw! 

Not only do you get to enjoy the game from Six’s perspective but also from that of the runaway kid! This alternate experience allows you to tap into the horror of playing from different perspectives and looking for things that aren’t exactly visible to one player but to the other! 

If you’re not looking for jump-in-the-face horror but a more whimsical and eerie gameplay that will have you gripped and thinking for hours, then Little Nightmares makes up for the perfect game this Halloween! 

The Evil Within 2

Enter a trippy dreamscape like Christopher Nolan’s Inception as you fall deeper into the maze! With nightmarish and grotesque creatures to defeat, not only do you get the best of eeriness, but you also enjoy the best of action gaming! 

The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror as you enter into the decaying psyche when you’ve lost it all. It’s a tale of redemption, but beware, for even if you falter in the least bit, you shall be in for the loss! Created by the horror game mastermind Shinji Mikami, you get to explore the best thrill, action, and terror that shrouds you deep enough to give you a jumpscare or let the feeling seep under your skin until you’re on the edge! 

This game combines the best of jumpscares and retro monsters while embracing the spirit of unexpected twists and turns as you delve into the world of The Evil Within 2

Luigi’s Mansion

Your favorite plumber is back in action! Oops! He’s stuck in a haunted hotel! Help Luigi escape and find his friends in Luigi’s Mansion! 

If you’re looking for a perfect party game to play alone or with your friends, then Luigi’s Mansion makes up for one of the best games this spooky season! There are puzzles, bosses, and so much more that’ll keep you and your family/friends entertained for hours! Luigi’s comical reactions and cute animation make up for the spook that the season comes with! 

With only a backpack and the mission to rescue your friends, Luigi’s Mansion is the perfect game to enjoy a lighthearted and whimsical side of the holiday season! 

Enjoy this spooky season with a roster filled with hardcore horror, action-packed, or even adorable party games to keep you hooked and in the festive spirit of Halloween with Driffle

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