The Best Open-World PSN Games (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)

Hello, fellow platformer and adventurer! Open-world as a genre has expanded horizons far-fathomable than we already know. Overlapping with genres like action-adventure, RPG, and more, the gaming world is taken by storm with this idea of exploring and exceeding the pre-determined boundaries of a game already so intricately built! Here is the list of the Best Open-world PSN Games!

Wanna let your imagination run wild? Open-world gaming is the answer! 

The Playstation roster itself is packed with far too many titles to try out in terms of this genre; however, before you let the choice of power become an overwhelming experience, here are our top picks to help you decide what to choose for! What’s better than no bias? Our roster doesn’t discriminate among the titles we’ve curated for you, providing you with the best of different worlds expanding from the glass and concrete of New York to ancient Greece to the Wild West! Let’s rev those virtual engines and set out into the sunset of the most immersive open-world adventures gaming has to offer. Because who said you need to leave your living room to explore new horizons?

Look for the 10 Best Open World Games on PSN below:

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Genre: Action, Adventure
PS Platform: PS5 

Insomniac is back with a third addition to their famous and well-received series! Switch between Peter and Miles as you play through the game, where the slightest switches and decisions may or may not alter the course of the gameplay (P.S.: look out for Sandman). As an addition to Spider-Man’s gadgets and gizmos, we believe that the Wing suit augments the unparalleled swinging and slinging experience. While this new “feature” or “gadget” aids you mindfully to cross the oceans, the real deal comes with introducing new areas to battle villains! You get to enjoy your play not only through New York but throughout Brooklyn and Queens as well! Thus increasing your gameplay time and missions to keep you hooked! 

With crime-ridden alleyways beckoning our good old spidey friend, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of our top picks for open-world exploration on the PlayStation (4 and 5). 

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Genre: Action RPG
PS Platform: PS 5 and PS 4

Want that Tokyo, neon streets, cyberpunk kinda vibe? Then, plug into the neon streets of Cyberpunk 2077, where the future is as bright as it is morally ambiguous. 

Whether you’re rubbing elbows with the corporate elite or running missions with the underworld’s finest folks, your path is yours to choose—but every upgrade and alliance comes at a price that you need to be careful about. Cyberpunk 2077 invites you to carve out your legacy amid the skyscrapers and shadows in a world where your body can be as customizable as your car. Gear up, get modded, and prepare to take on the city’s most formidable human and otherwise foes. After all, in Cyberpunk 2077, the future’s not just ahead of you; it’s up for grabs.

3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Genre: Action RPG, Open-World
PS Platform: PS4

It’s time travel o’clock! For all the history junkies, set sail for the ancient world in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where you’ll don the sandals of Alexios or Kassandra, navigating through the stormy seas of fate and combat in a time when togas were the height of fashion, and the gods were just as likely to meddle in your life as your nosy neighbor! 

In this epic installment from Ubisoft, ancient Greece isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a sprawling, sun-drenched playground swarming with mysteries to uncover, battles to fight, and philosophical debates to… well, eavesdrop on (let’s not even get started with Socrates). Whether you’re scaling the Parthenon or outwitting Socrates (it’s him again) in a battle of wits, Odyssey proves that history class could have been a lot more exciting with a little bit of imagination and many assassinations. Strap on your hero’s helmet (or don’t, because of fashion) and prepare for a journey where every choice carves your path through history, and every leap of faith is a step into the unknown. Explore through the window of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, an ancient Greece that you didn’t even know existed. 

4. Hogwarts Legacy

Genre: Action RPG, Fantasy
PS Platform: PS 5 and PS 4

This one is for all the Potterheads out there who have been waiting to receive their letter of acceptance from Hogwarts! It’s never too late to step into this RPG world as a fifth-year student and experience life in this magical world. But the game goes beyond just casting spells and caring for magical creatures. Where it truly shines is in its impressive world-building.

Not only do you get to explore Harry Potter’s school, but you also get to explore the nearby village of Hogsmeade, which has small villages, lairs for magical creatures, and hidden enemy camps nestled within dense forests. So if you choose to fly over the serene coastline or unravel Merlin’s trial, then this is the perfect game for you (p.s.: keep up with your schoolwork). 

5. Elden Ring

Genre: RPG, Action, Action RPG, Soulslike
PS Platform: PS5 and PS 4

Don’t go by the RPG nature of this action-packed wonder by FromSoftware! Elden Ring may not seem like a conventional action game, yet we believe that it has thrilling moments to keep you gripped for hours with exploration at par with the best of adventures. Set in a stunning yet perilous world teeming with secrets, it follows the trademark style of Miyazaki’s creations, blending intense combat with deep exploration. The game sets up a challenge for you right from the beginning as you’re thrown amidst formidable bosses to battle against. The combat may commence slowly, but it has its exciting elements, such as mounted battles against dragons, demi-gods, and so much more! Elden Ring also weaves a complex and engaging narrative, echoing the enigmatic storytelling found in the Dark Souls series.

6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Genre: Action RPG
PS Platform: PS 5, PS 4, and PS 3

You know you can never go wrong with the Elder Scrolls series when it comes to adventure. However, Skyrim takes the cake for us because of its dynamic and active community and the constant updates from Bethesda Studios. Over ten years after its launch, the game has been enhanced with a plethora of both official and community-generated downloadable content (DLC), embedding the icy landscapes of Skyrim with life. 

As the Dragonborn, players have a wide array of choices, ranging from pursuing the path of a noble hero to embodying a more infamous persona throughout the game. With many gameplay choices, you get the thrill of adventure and open-world exploration coupled with the best of visuals, graphics, and DLCs via modern technology! 

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure

PS Platform: PS 5, PS 4

If you like your gaming partner’s sense of humor to be laced with irony, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt should be your pick! Welcome Geralt the Witcher as your ally! This game offers an expansive and multifaceted adventure, where you find yourself embroiled in a conflict spanning empires and unraveling murder mysteries involving elves and werewolves—all while searching for your foster daughter across a vast and relentless landscape. 

Once you’ve worn the medallion of Geralt of Rivea, there is no going back. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will keep you hooked for hours with its challenging quests and witty exchanges! 

8. Horizon Forbidden West

Genre: Action, RPG

PS Platform: PS 4, PS 5

Don on your explorer’s boots and join Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, where the post-apocalyptic world isn’t just back—it’s bigger, bolder, and brimming with more robotic dinosaurs than a sci-fi theme park. With the complete edition making a grand appearance this March, you get additional playtime for this open-world sci-fi fiesta! 

From the dense, life-filled forests to the vast, unyielding deserts and the chill of snow-capped peaks, every environment is a feast for the eyes and a challenge for the spirit. Aloy’s journey to unravel the mystery of a devastating plague takes you through an open world that’s as dangerous as it is mesmerizing, proving once again that the only thing more thrilling than discovering a new horizon is fighting a giant mechanical beast when you get there. Conquer the world of Horizon Forbidden West in ways you can’t imagine! 

9. Grand Theft Auto V

Genre: Action, Adventure

PS Platform: PS 4, PS 5

Dive headfirst into Grand Theft Auto V, where the sun-soaked streets of Los Santos serve as the setting for the most dysfunctional trio since the Three Stooges turned to a life of crime. In the nooks and crannies of virtual California, you’ll step into the shoes of Franklin, the enterprising street hustler; Michael, the retired bank robber with a mid-life crisis; and Trevor, the human embodiment of a “cautionary tale” label (or as they say, the ultimate red flag). 

Los Santos and its dusty neighbor, Blaine County, are your playgrounds for chaos, where every nook promises adventure, and every misadventure ends in either riches or an outrageous police chase. In GTA V, the only thing more dangerous than the city’s underworld is trying to leave your criminal past behind. Welcome to the open world that redefined open worlds, where your worst enemy is often your own ambition. There’s a reason why it’s a classic for you all to enjoy! 

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

Genre: Action, Adventure

PS Platform: PS 4, PS 5 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is yet another one of Rockstar Games’ classics. Take a tour of the Wild West with this Steam staple that has you in for an adventure filled with dynamic and engaging surprises throughout! The game is bustling with activities, making the world and its main character seem incredibly vibrant. Test your mettle in the main missions, but do not take the side quests for granted, for each one of them is more engaging than the previous one, filled with vibrance and packed with eerie undertones at times! 

Being one of the most dynamic PSN open-world exploration adventures, this is among our top picks! This is because it combines intricate quests that span various regions with leisurely activities and simple chores that enrich Arthur’s journey, such as getting a haircut or enjoying an evening at the theatre.


And there you have it, fearless explorers of the virtual world! We’ve journeyed through realms where time loops are the norm (or not), cybernetic enhancements are fashion statements, and ancient gods meddle in mortal affairs. Each title from our handpicked roster showcases the breathtaking capabilities of your PS4 and PS5 and represents the apex of storytelling and open-world design. Whether you’re drawn to the neon glow of futuristic cities, the enchanting allure of magical schools, or the gritty paths of cowboy legends, there’s a universe out there awaiting your exploration!