Games like Stardew Valley: Cosy Gaming And More!

For all of you who’re into farm-like RPGs or cosy gaming and are bored of the good old Stardew Valley, then you’ve come to the right place! There are days when you simply want to play, not out of competitive strife but just to put your mind off things. We’ve curated a cute little roster of our favourite cosy games that are reminiscent of Stardew Valley

6. Moonlighter

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Offering versatility and comfort simultaneously, Moonlighter by Digital Sun makes up for the perfect pick! Like Stardew Valley, you’re tasked with being the master of the mundane, a shopkeeper commanding the symphony of daily commerce—bargaining with patrons and lining shelves with oh-so-satisfying regularity. But when the sun sets, you swap your apron for armour, plunging into the depths of roguelike dungeons to snag treasures for tomorrow’s sales. 

Make the best of both worlds as you work in commerce during the day, and by night, you get to moonlight as a warrior, thus making it the perfect Moonlighter experience! Not only this, but you get to experience a beautiful storyline to keep you going (and maybe some family drama?) This one is going to have you in a chokehold! 

5. Garden Story

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

With aesthetics similar to those of Ghibli movies, Garden Story is a great pick when it comes to a vibe that resonates with “cute-and-quirky”! You step into the shoes of Concord the Grape, joining forces with a vibrant cast of fruits, fungi, and frog pals to safeguard The Grove from the encroaching Rot that threatens their abode. Step into the shoes of the saviour, Concord, when you realise that multitasking is the essence of survival in this world. 

Build relationships that’ll aid your survival throughout the game; who knows if they’re saving you an exclusive lucky charm. 

4. Voodoo Garden

Platforms: PC

Become the witch you’ve always wanted to be. While there’s farming, selling, and more of the classic Stardew Valley stuff, there’s also potion brewing and the light gothic vibe of the game, which makes it a great pick for when you’re feeling low. 

Start raising chickens and rabbits—not just for ingredients but maybe for a few dark rituals, too. And don’t worry—once they’ve crossed to the other side, their spirits will happily help in your garden… unless it’s raining, of course. Yeah, well, the ghosts really aren’t into the rain. Voodoo Garden is an idle simulation game that makes it ideal for when you’re preoccupied with other things. 

3. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Taking up your grandfather’s farm…sounds a lot like Stardew Valley! With adorable graphics being its USP, we have been sold on Pioneers of Olive Town for ages! In this game, you get to create your own charming farm in a tranquil town. You’ll grow crops, join in on local gatherings, complete small requests, craft your tools, and build new facilities. As one of the latest Story of Seasons games, it’s a top pick for fans of Harvest Moon, offering a delightful mix of farming and village life.

2. Slime Rancher

Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Harvesting has never been a better experience than when it comes to Slime Rancher. Instead of crops, you harvest poopy thingies; no, I’m serious; they’re slimes! These bouncy creatures can take up any form, ranging from cute cats to actual Pokemons; there’s never a shortage of surprises! In this game, you play the market by trading plorts—yes, essentially slime poop—whose values shift just like stocks in the real world. Your lively Slimes are housed in separate pens since they might munch on each other or on different species’ plorts, accidentally creating adorable hybrids in the process.

It’s all cute and games until the economics force you to toss Tabby Slimes into the Incinerator because their plorts have tanked in value. Terrible? Maybe. Heartless? Possibly. But hey, at least I’m rich! 

1. Coral Island

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox X|S

If you’ve dreamt of fleeing the city into a quaint little town, then Coral Island is the best addition to your cosy game roster by Stairway Heaven. Originating from the strain of Stardew Valley games, you build your dream farm, grow crops, raise animals, and so much more. 

While you might think that this might be what makes this title a top pick, it simply isn’t just an ordinary farming sim; it allows you to build relationships with all the other residents! Well, that’s not just it; you also get to build relationships among 25 other single residents on this island, making this a Sims-like experience while you get the best of Stardew Valley! 

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or simply seeking a pleasant escape into charming, vibrant worlds, these cosy games offer delightful alternatives to Stardew Valley. From the whimsical escapades of Concord the Grape in Garden Story to the quirky, supernatural gardening of Voodoo Garden, each game provides unique twists on familiar gameplay. If you crave an adventure where commerce, farming, and fantastical elements blend seamlessly, these titles will captivate and entertain you, making every gaming session a memorable and relaxing experience. So grab your virtual tools and ready your gamer spirit; these enchanting worlds are waiting to be explored and cherished.