8 Best Puzzle Games on PS4 and PS5

Puzzle games have evolved from mere noggin’ joggers to full-blown sensory adventures that intertwine brain-teasing puzzles with stories that’ll pull at your heartstrings, stunning visuals you’ll want to frame, and gameplay mechanics that might just make you question the laws of physics. Brace yourself for the ultimate puzzle-solving experience with our handpicked collection of the Best Puzzle Games on PS4 and PS5! 

Let’s dive into the whimsical world of brain teasers with our diverse roundup of the Best Puzzle Games for the PS4 and PS5.

S.No.Game TitleRating
7.The Forgotten City 85
6.Manifold Garden85
5.Chants of Sennar85
4.The Witness87
3.The Talos Principle 288
1.Chicory: A Colorful Tale 90

8. Viewfinder

Metacritic Rating: 84

PS Platform: PS4 and PS5

Sometimes, you could do things for the view. Or not. Viewfinder is a mesmerizing puzzle game that allows you to experience the joy of solving puzzles firsthand. Be it paintings, sketches, or photographs, this game has it all for you. 

The best part is that you’re the commander of your own story. Since it’s a player-driven narrative game, you can enjoy unfurling this beautiful world or just engage with the puzzles to challenge your mind! The choice will ultimately be yours, leading you to uninterrupted explorations throughout. 

Viewfinder is best for players of all skill levels, providing you with hours of problem-solving and having fun at the same time on your PlayStation console! 

7. The Forgotten City

Metacritic Rating: 85
PS Platform: PS5, PS4

“The many shall suffer for the sins of the one.” Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Well, this Golden rule shall be broken as you enter this ancient Roman empire with…drumroll please…a time-loop mystery! 

With a widespread cast of characters, each with a distinct personality, delve headfirst into this narrative, but be cautious, for violence can only get you so far. Prepare to make morally dubious decisions as you get entangled in the lives of these colorful characters. Make life-and-death-impacting decisions as you go through the time loop again and again to unravel the mysteries that lurk in the corners of this empire. 

The Forgotten City makes up for a perfect pick when you’re looking for a historical time-loop mystery puzzle game that doesn’t feel like the quintessential puzzle pick for the PlayStation Network. 

6. Manifold Garden

Metacritic Rating: 85
PS Platform: PS5, PS4

When puzzle solving meets the gravity-defying world packed with abstract ideas that need logic, you get the Manifold Garden. Pass through mind-boggling physical architectures as you survive in this world where ordinary physics fails. Traverse through gravity changes and make it through to bring the barren lands back to life (honestly, this is the best part of the Garden bit). 

Manifold Garden, a blockbuster nominee for several awards, provides a surreal and mesmerizing gaming and puzzle-solving experience, especially on your PS4! 

5. Chants of Sennaar

Metacritic Rating: 85
PS Platform: PS5, PS4 

Inspired by the Tower of Babel, Chants of Sennar is based on language-based puzzle solving. If you want to get into the Dan Brown groove of solving mysteries, then this is your pick! Decode puzzles as you figure your way through the game. 

Cross through forbidden zones with stealth if that’s the need of the hour, but your ultimate progress shall be made via your decoding, non-verbal communication with other characters, and moving forth at each level. Intelligence and purpose are the keys to getting past every obstacle in your way as you set your mind to unveiling the mysteries that shroud this world. 

Make the best of your detective skills for this morse code, which may keep you up at night and thinking for hours in Chants of Sennar

4. The Witness

Metacritic Rating: 87
PS Platform: PS4 

Imagine waking up on a strange island with no memory. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to The Witness, where this nightmare becomes your reality, and you ought to find out how to get out by solving puzzles thrown your way. 

There will be clues throughout your adventure that will help you figure out who you are. Engage in over 500 puzzles in any sequence you prefer, exploring an expansive open-world environment filled with numerous unique areas. Every puzzle is meaningful in The Witness, as the game values your time by ensuring that all content contributes enormously to the entire narrative. 

3. The Talos Principle 2

Metacritic Rating: 88
PS Platform: PS5

If you need to think logically and philosophically, then this is the perfect pick for you. Delve into a world where logic and rationale work together to satiate you with a problem-solving experience in this dilapidated civilization. Pick these pieces and put them together to unfurl the mysteries of this realm. 

Humans are now extinct, and this city crawls with robots. This is the reality of this civilization that you’re tasked to explore. Get ready for brain twisters wrapped around a colossal, mysterious megastructure. Whip out your gravity-flipping and mind-swapping tricks to crack those puzzles, all while pondering the big cosmic questions and our place and worth in this universe. (No, seriously, what if the robots do take over?) 

This makes up for the perfect weekend pick for you and your beloved Play Station console! 

2. Cocoon

Metacritic Rating: 88
PS Platform: PS5, PS4

The name may delude you to a bug’s life, but get ready to be warped through the magnanimous nebulae and atmospheric orbs as you embark on a puzzle-solving quest in Cocoon

Make the best combinations with these mystical shapes as you jump through different locations. Find obscure alien machinery and make it through to these biomechanical devices to traverse different locations. Cocoon offers a tranquil, immersive journey featuring mesmerizing artwork and immersive music, guiding players through its challenges with a gentle touch. 

1. Chicory: A Colourful Tale

Metacritic Rating: 90
PS Platform: PS5

Bring color to this monochrome world as you pick up your magic paintbrush. A critically acclaimed choice, Chicory: A Colourful Tale makes up for a charming game that allows you to immerse yourself in this beautiful landscape. 

As you advance, enhance your brush with new powers, like glow-in-the-dark paint, enabling you to uncover concealed treasures scattered across the landscape. Engage with the residents of Picnic Province, understanding their desires and figuring out how to reintroduce color into their world. 


Each game is a portal to a universe where logic and imagination co-exist, and every puzzle solved is a step towards enlightenment (or at least towards bragging rights). Whether you’re a puzzle game fan with the knack to crack any code or a curious cat looking for some mental gymnastics, these games are your ticket to countless hours of fun, frustration, and the sweet taste of victory. Gear up for some brainy adventures that promise to challenge your mind, dazzle your senses, and maybe, just maybe, make you the greatest puzzle master on your PS4 or PS5. Let’s get puzzled!