Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Review

Double Trouble with Two Spideys! 

Insomniac is back with a third addition to their famous and well-received series! The hype around Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 skyrocketed upon the release of the information that Venom will be one of the villains throughout the game! Switch between Peter and Miles as you play through the game, where the slightest switches and decisions may or may not alter the course of the gameplay (P.S.: look out for Sandman). 

However, the real question is, Is the game really worth it? Will it live up to the hype? Will it be a super hit in the series? How is it actually on PS5? 

Here’s what we at Driffle think about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


Insomniac has done it again with its classic storyline and storytelling to keep the players hooked to the gameplay until the very end. From dialogues to the relationship between Peter and Miles to their plot twists, the game doesn’t miss a very crucial and reputed factor of the gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Each of the characters have their own arcs and issues, be it the theme of isolation that Peter faces after Mary Jane refuses to move in or his inability to blend into his own powers with the Symbiotic Suit; there’s always a new twist to keep the users hooked! 

Not only this, but you also get to see a domestic side of Miles and his relationship with the outer world and Peter. He evolves from a lost mentee to a person who defines for himself what it ultimately means to be Spider-Man! His character arc makes the play all the more intriguing, owing to an evolution in the gameplay as well! 

Map Expansion

Prepare to launch yourself into the city of New York, where you swing through the skyscrapers and your wingsuit to cross the ocean. We personally believe that the Wing suit, as an addition to Spider-Man’s gadgets and gizmos, augments the swinging and slinging experience that is unparalleled. While this new “feature” or “gadget” aids you mindfully to cross the oceans, the real deal comes with introducing new areas to battle villains!

You get to enjoy your play not only through New York but throughout Brooklyn and Queens as well! Thus increasing your gameplay time and missions to keep you hooked! 

Villains and the Darker Side of the Game 

While the story commences with a simple mentor-mentee relationship between Peter and Miles, as you switch between your play with them, the game takes on a darker turn! 

A visible psychological difference becomes evident when Peter takes on the Symbiotic suit and has issues with adjusting to it. At the same time, Miles struggles with college applications and living a normal life vs. taking upon Spider-Man duties. Not only this, but he also has to deal with the newfound powers of Venom to keep himself going! 

Another intriguing twist comes with the battle between Spider-Man and Sandman! Depending on the choice of Spider-Man- Miles and Peter, the outcome will change! While Peter relies on his environment to combat the Sandman, Miles uses Lightning! Each of their plays, especially against Venom, creates a visible difference and impact on the play! 

Side Missions And Improved Arsenal 

Not only do you get to enjoy the best of your gameplay against the supervillain, but you also get to explore a bunch of side missions like aiding the scientists in upgrading your gear, riding a bicycle, or even shooting drones. 

Like the previous Spider-Man games, there’s also a play with Mary Jane! Adventure with Mary Jane and experience what it feels like to combat when you’re not a superhero and have a taser! With a stark improvement in her arsenal and gameplay, this has become one of the more exciting missions to take up! 

Improved Graphics and Performance

Aside from these features, let’s also talk about the obvious- the graphics and overall performance! Insomniac’s latest PS5 exclusive is a hit, offering stunning visuals in two modes: a 4K 30FPS “Fidelity” mode with ray tracing for a more vibrant world and a “Performance” mode at 60FPS with upscaled 4K and ray tracing. As per our experience, it was a bug-free playthrough with seamless performance in both modes, especially opting for the rich detail of the 30FPS setting.

The Verdict

Our users have also reviewed the gameplay experience as generally or overall better! 

We feel that one of the problems could be that you’re playing it without having played the previous games. In that case, we’d usher you to play the previous ones ASAP! 

Although Insomniac has improved the overall experience of the game, making New York City bigger and not better could’ve been avoided by introducing newer quests instead of repetitive side missions, yet despite all this, imagine being the real Spider-Man…all those side missions and college application stress sure sounds like a handful, doesn’t it? 

Well, our final say would be that if you want to experience what it feels like to be a Spider-Man, then this should be your pick! 

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