GTA 6 Official Trailer Review

GTA 6 Official Trailer is Here after the Leak (OOPS) 

And here’s what we think about the GTA 6 Official Trailer …

Moments after the famous social media leak of the most awaited sequel to our beloved series, Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games launched the official trailer for GTA 6! Fans from across the globe have been eagerly awaiting the trailer and the game’s release date. The question now arises: what can you expect? (apparently a lot) yet here’s what has caught our eye: 

Being set in one of the most famous GTA locations, Vice City makes a comeback in GTA 6. We feel that the fans would certainly enjoy the play with map expansions and additional missions. This may also not come as a surprise to those who have closely been following the series, yet it’s as exciting as ever. 

The trailer also flaunts Lucia as the female protagonist. What caught our eye was her beginning from the prison as she wittily remarks on her situation— “bad luck, I guess.” 

Not only do we expect it to be packed with various quips like this, but the game delves into the heart of Florida… (yes, there are actual alligators!) 

Anticipate big crimes ranging from the roadway thrills on luxurious cars with Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road” playing in the background to fan favourite thefts! It’s packed with action, life on the road, and the thrill of running that comes with it. 

Another significant detail of the series edition includes fun challenges relevant to today’s generation, like TikToks, live streams, and social media in general. We don’t know how to feel about that, but one can only look forward to the actual game and other details that have been leaking slim-ly from Rockstar Studios to base an opinion. 

The studios hinted at dropping the trailer at the beginning of December (the perfect holiday surprise), yet it had to be pushed up following the leak. The talks for GTA 6 have been in the buzz since 2020 after the successful run of GTA V from 2013. Nearly a decade later, the confirmation of GTA 6’s development being underway took the world by storm. Now that the year nears its end, it is time for the big reveal… the release date. 

Rockstar hasn’t given us a release date, yet the year has been set for 2025, and we’re excited to see what drops on us after this trailer (hopefully not breadcrumbs). What do you think? Hit us up on our social media and tell us in the comments or DMs! 

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