A Gamer’s Guide For Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail

You’ve heard about Final Fantasy 14, the hit MMORPG. It’s caught your eye, right? You may want to try this super popular online game now Xbox has it. But jumping in can feel overwhelming. So here’s a gamer’s guide with tips and tricks for Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail.

Sort Out Your Free Trial Options and Preferred Console

Get Your Free Trial Sorted and Pick Your Platform. This sounds basic, but many folks don’t understand and need to learn how FF14 accounts work. They get all excited and then let down.

Suppose you’ve got any version of the game with no free trial. Even if you grabbed the starter edition free from Twitch ages ago, you can’t use the free trial to play expansions like Heavensward, which it now covers.

Put Some Thought into Your Server Choice

You can now hop between data centres in regions, so your character’s birthplace matters less. But if your pals play in a specific world, try to join them there. You’ll get to join a free company and buy property in the world you pick. To be neighbours with your best friend, you’ve got to be in their world.

Worlds sometimes get packed and block new characters. This usually clears up at different times. It might be worth waiting for these slower periods if you want the perks mentioned above. 

Fix Up Your UI and Other Settings

When logging in, open your character and UI settings to rearrange things. Healers might want party HP bars near their line of sight. You may prefer more hot bars on the screen or a bigger minimap. The UI has many options, so set it up however it helps you best.

Make Sure to Do Your Class and Job Quests

Keep an eye out for the exclamation mark under the central scenario quest tracker. It points you to your next class or job quest. It would help if you had these quests to unlock some skills

You Don’t Have to Commit to One Job or Role

After the intro, you can unlock all the base game jobs by visiting different cities. Doesn’t the Thaumaturge/Black Mage suit you? Switch to Lancer/Dragoon! But remember, your new career starts at level one. 

Pay Attention to Your Gear Level

Your gear becomes outdated fast in the early levels. You might die or have less HP than others in dungeons. This means it’s time to check your gear. Don’t hesitate to buy new stuff from NPC vendors’ accessories. Your accessory slots start with level-one junk. Replace them with store-bought gear as soon as you can. 

Going Through the Main Scenario Will Level Up a Job to Max

Your primary job choice maxes out through the main story quests. You should tackle some extra dungeons to bridge gaps, but it’s a big deal. The game’s design ensures your chosen path levels up, with just a bit of optional grinding here and there.

Do Your Daily Roulettes for Huge Chunks of EXP

Are you looking to crush out a new job or fill in the gaps? Remember to run your daily duty roulettes, an easy source of EXP. These roulettes, which can be found in the duty finder menu, pop you into a random dungeon, trial, or other combat instance, netting you tons of EXP when completed. The “levelling roulette,” which sends you to various dungeons, unlocks at level 16.

Always Be Doing Something in Combat

In dungeons or more excellent combat content, you always want to be pressing buttons—assuming you’re not waiting on cast times. This is more obvious for DPS, although as a healer, you still want to be damaging when you are not healing.

Enemy Cast Bars Are More Reliable Than the Ground Telegraphs

Users must pay attention to ground markings and the cast bar above the boss’ HP for boss attacks. Server lag is causing the snapshot when the attack goes off, not to be adequately reflected with the ground marking. A boss will initiate its next attack when the cast bar is full. If you’re getting hit despite dodging, check those cast bars for timing.

Use NPC Party Members if You Hate Multiplayer Content

Although you have to do the vast majority of trials with actual players, you can do every dungeon with NPC party members. The NPC support – called “Trusts” – is quite decent. Although running content with NPCs is slower, it would be excellent if you could take your time.

Look out for Blue Quest Markers

Blue quest markers with a plus sign indicate that there is content behind the quest. This may be a new job, attuning to an aether current—to unlock flying—new combat content, or others. Do those as you can, even if you accept the quest and let it sit on the back burner.

Your Sprout Icon Will Tell People You’re New, So Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As a new player, you will have a sprout icon next to your name so everyone knows you’re new. You shouldn’t feel bad for making mistakes or not knowing some things immediately. That’s what the icon is for, and most players will understand.

Take it easy — Play how you want

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail is a massive game with so much to do; it’s not like you must be hardcore and bash out the main scenario quests. Take a break, run some fishing, level up that crafter, play minigames in the Gold Saucer, visit your friend’s house, or do one of a dozen other activities. They really pound home the message at the developers: they don’t want people burning out, and it’s okay to step back. The game will always be here when you want to hop in again.


Ease into the outset of Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail With these tips and tricks, you can easily find your way to Eorzea. Be it account management, selecting the correct server, customising your UI, or understanding the importance of your gear and quests, all these will help you sail through the vast world of FFXIV. Remember to take it at your own pace, and above all, have fun. The adventure in Eorzea belongs to you alone to make.