A Guide to Kunitsu Gami Characters 

Hey gamers, welcome to the Kunitsu Gami Characters guide! If you’re excited about Kunitsu Gami, you’re stepping into a life-changing adventure with sacred rituals, fierce battles, and strategic gameplay. 

We will guide you through the introduction of the main characters and their roles, inducting you into a better vantage point to guide your way through the enchanting yet perilous Mt. Kafuku.

In Kunitsu Gami, you will find yourself in a world with Torii gates lining the mountainside, beckoning to another world possessed by defilement. Your job is to guide the Maiden and her guardian, Soh, in purifying those gates and bringing peace back to the villages. 

Now, let’s get to know our Kunitsu Gami Characters.

Soh: The Brave Guardian

Soh is the protagonist and the relentless protector of the Maiden. Equipped with a deadly sword, Soh becomes the first line of defence against the Seethe, hostile spirits born from darkness to instigate conflicts at night. His job is crucial, as he needs to guard not only the Maiden but also his co-villagers from the Seethe attack by leading and instructing the villagers. 

Sword Techniques: Soh’s fighting styles are like graceful dance movements that kill the Seethe.

Leadership: He can allocate the villagers to different positions so that their abilities in fortification and combat are utilised more productively.

Yoshiro: The Maiden of the Gods

Yoshiro is the Maiden of the mountain who transitions into the goddess herself. She is bestowed with divine power. Her primary purpose was to purify a defilement afflicting the land in her stately ceremonial dance called the kagura dance

Key Abilities:

Purification: Yoshiro’s kagura dance purifies the land from its defilement, thereby returning it to peace and order.

Ceremonial Dance: This powerful ritual is done to cleanse the Torii gates and protect the villages from the Seethe.

Villagers: Heart of the Mountain

The Villagers of Mt. Kafuku are essential in your quest. You can assign any villager free from corruption to assist you in your quest against the Seethe.

Key Role:

Close-Range Brawler: Villagers trained in close-range attacks are your front liners in combat.

Support Roles: Some villagers are suited for support tactics, either healing or reinforcing defences.

Carpenters: These workers can repair broken mechanisms located around the villages to provide additional defence for the Maiden.

The Seethe: Nighttime Terrors

With nightfall, the Seethe from the other world arrive to bring terror and horrors. These spirits become the primary enemies you have to overcome in order to safeguard the Maiden as well as the villages.

Key Features:

Variety of Attacks: The Seethe have a variety of horrific attacks on the Maiden.

Spread of Defilement: Their presence defiles the land and the villagers

Preparation, assignment and Attack

Kunitsu Gami is not just fighting enemies; it’s a game of strategy. Here is how you can utilise the optimal resources:


Explore and Rescue: In the day, play as Soh and Explore the villages to free the villagers and search for defiled ones.

Fix Contraptions: Find broken contraptions that carpenters can repair to strengthen defences.


Class Assignment: Assign the different classes to all the saved villagers, who are now working based on their strengths. Delegation as to offence or support

Villager Placement: Deploy your villagers strategically to hold up against every battle for maximum output.


Day/Night Cycle: Use the day to prepare and the night to fight against the Seethe.

Dance Attacks: Slay the Seethe using Soh’s dance-like sword techniques.

Village Defence: Command villagers to war, treading the balance between fighting alongside or direct war from a safe distance.

Purification: Restoring Peace

The ultimate goal in Kunitsu Gami is to guide the Maiden to the Torii gates, where she performs her kagura dance to purify the defilement. By solving the day and night cycle, you can progress further into the game as it develops and brings serenity to Mt. Kafuku one gate at a time.


The Kunitsu Gami Characters’ avatars can be much more, being partially rich and full of stories, it is important to realise the role of each and the abilities deriving from them. Be it commanding Soh, assigning villagers to critical roles, or guiding the Maiden as she dances, purification, every decision you make will seal Mt. Kafuku’s fate.

Plunge into Kunitsu Gami, harness your heroes for power, and venture out to restore peace on the mountain. Strategic planning and the brave hearts of heroes will secure your victory over the Sеethe.