Conscript Release Date Announced | The Most Anticipated Survival Horror Game

We are done waiting! And it’s finally the moment of truth for survival horror and history buffs regarding World War I. Team17 has announced that the intense survival horror title Conscript is finally hitting all the platforms on July 23, 2024. 

The waiting has been agonising, specifically since the end of May when the exact release date was announced. What makes Conscript so particular as a survival horror title, and what can players look forward to in this particular gaming experience?

Check out Conscript game trailer, if you haven’t yet

Historic Setting: The Battle of Verdun

Conscript stands out in the swarming survival horror genre through its setting. The game whisks players off to the horny trenches of Verdun in 1916, right in the middle of World War I. This is a historical setting for one of the most infamous battles of the Great War, adding authenticity and tension that few horror games can rival. 

Players will become an embattled French loner, desperately seeking his missing-in-action brother through the very brutal and treacherous environments that defined this grim period in history.

Stellar Gameplay Features

Conscript immerses players in a survival horror experience set in classic times, drawing inspiration from genre-defining predecessors while introducing a unique World War I twist. Some of the key features making this game a must-play include:

Classic Survival Horror Gameplay:

Experience befitting gameplay that is methodical and tense, which has defined the survival horror genre. Multiple difficulty settings so anyone, whether a newcomer or veteran, can have a good time playing it. Multiple endings, unlockable costumes, and bonus weaponry significantly enhance replay value.

Intense elements of survival:

Players will have to deal with all types of enemy soldiers and combatants who bring along different challenges. Make good use of a variety of World War I melee weapons and firearms to defend against enemies. The sound design is very oppressive and adds to the atmosphere of the game. 

Complex Explorations and Puzzles: 

Assist the character to progress through strongly interlinked areas themed around WW1, promoting strategic item management and route planning. In order to advance, solve difficult environmental puzzles that add depth to the game’s exploratory features. The level design encourages scrounging and allows during such moments; it will pay off. 

A Soldier’s Desperate Search

Players will be in the shoes of a French poilu, brought into the fray of one of the grinding and devastating battles of World War I: Verdun. There, he is tasked to locate his brother, who is reported missing in action. This very emotional core provides strong impetus for a player to push forward, to take on the horrors of war and the terrors waiting in those trenches. 

Anticipation for Conscript

Several reasons why people are hyped about the upcoming release of Conscript are: 

1. A Very Unique Setting and Storyline

World War I is not exactly a common setting for video games, much less survival horror. It refreshes the setting and makes Conscript stand out from other horror games. The storyline, centred on brotherhood and survival in a war, evokes a human touch that strikes players.

2. Gameplay Mechanics and Aesthetics

The classic survival horror mechanics, mixed with modern gameplay components, make sure that Conscript caters to both old-school horror fans and new gamers. The pixel art aesthetic blends with the oppressive sound design to bring an atmosphere both nostalgic 


Conscript is building up to a title that’s going to dominate the survival horror genre, bringing an extremely different mix of authenticity and realism from history with really intense gameplay and narratives, keeping one on the edge of his seat. 

The creative vision has resulted into a game destined not only to thrill and terrify but to really immerse one in great emotional depth.

Most of all, with the release date of July 23, 2024, inching ever closer, comes further antagonization of anticipation. Conscript seems to be that game destined to let players step into the man-traps of Verdun’s trenches and give them an unforgettable gaming experience by playing as a horror survivable version of World War I.

Conscript is almost here, and this game is not one you would want to miss. For constant updates on hot upcoming games, check out (Here)