Activate PUBG UC Using Razer Pin and Key | Step-by-Step Guide

Hello PUBG enthusiasts! Activating PUBG UC (Unknown Cash) is just what you need to improve your in-game experience and unlock fun features.
In this guide, we’ll walk you through two easy methods to activate your PUBG UC and take your gaming to the next Level. Let’s Start!

Method 1: Activating PUBG UC using Razer Pin

Visit Midasbuy Website: Open your web browser and go to the official Midasbuy website at

Midasbuy website to activate pubg UC

Enter Your Player ID: Once on Midasbuy, enter your Player ID. Make sure that the Player ID you enter is the one that belongs to your PUBG account on which you want to activate Pubg UC.

Choose Razer Pin: Among the available payment options, select “Razer Pin” as your preferred method to activate PUBG UC.

Enter the Pin Code: Enter the unique Razer Pin code that you have recieved. Make sure the code is accurate by rechecking it.

Complete the Activation: Follow any extra instructions the website offers to finish the activation procedure after inputting the pin code. The PUBG UC will be added to your account Once you complete the process.

Get Gaming! Congratulations! You have successfully activated your PUBG UC using the Razer Pin. Enhance your gaming experience by getting in-game products, skins, and other premium prizes.

Method 2: Activating PUBG UC using a Key

Visit the Redemption Page: Click on the following link to visit the PUBG UC redemption website:

Login/Register: Use your login information to access your Midasbuy account if you already have one. Otherwise, register for a new account using your preferred method or email address.

Enter the Key: To use this method, you must have a unique activation key. Find the right place andenter the Key.

Redeem the Key: Proceed to redeem after entering the key. Follow any further instructions to finalize the process.

Reap the Rewards: The PUBG UC will be added to your account after the key has been successfully redeemed. You can now utilise all the premium services and products with the UC.

Congratulations! You’ve mastered the two techniques to activate PUBG UC: the Razer Pin and a Unique Activation Key. Now that you have access to all the premium features and awards, you are ready to dive into the fascinating world of PUBG.

Remember to use the official Midasbuy website for a safe and secure transaction. With your brand-new PUBG UC, enjoy the Game to the fullest, and may your gaming journeys be full of victories and Chicken Dinners!

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