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Vendor Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions for Driffle Vendors govern the fees paid to Driffle by vendors, along with the terms for payouts and associated fees for vendor earnings. These fee terms are an integral component of Driffle's overall terms and conditions, forming part of the agreement between vendors and Driffle and enabling them to sell digital content on the Platform. Any capitalized terms not defined here carry the same meaning as outlined in the Driffle Terms and Conditions.

2. Amendments to Fee T&Cs

Driffle retains the right to independently modify these Fee Terms, encompassing changes to payout conditions. Each Vendor will receive advance notice of forthcoming changes via mail or Skype at least 15 days in advance, sent to the contact email address provided by the Vendor and/or accessible via the Vendor's account tab on the Platform.

The Notice is considered received by the Vendor on the business day following its sending. Upon receipt of the Notice, each Vendor reserves the right to terminate their agreement with Driffle without incurring any adverse consequences. 

Continuing to sell digital content on the Platform post-notice receipt implies the Vendor's affirmation and acceptance of the outlined changes. Changes described in the Notice will take effect 15 days following its receipt or as stipulated within the Notice.

3. Payout Terms

Payout Conditions for security measures, vendors are eligible to withdraw their earnings from digital content sales on the Platform after a Freeze Period of 7 days from each sale. This Freeze Period applies individually to each sale and is reviewed biannually. 

Driffle reserves the discretion to adjust the Freeze Period for each Vendor based on factors such as sales quantity (every six months), identified security risks, or other reasons determined by Driffle. Vendors will be notified of such adjustments separately via email and/or their Vendor account tab on the Platform. 

Payouts may be suspended in case of suspected breaches of Driffle's Terms and Conditions, fraud attempts, or any other suspicious or unlawful activity. Driffle reserves the authority to amend any payout terms described in this section of the Fee Terms, providing vendors with at least 15 days notice prior to the changes taking effect, sent via email and/or accessible through the Vendor account tab on the Platform.

4. Driffle Fees and Commissions:

The following Driffle commission and fee levels are determined by the Index:

  • Driffle commission that is based on vendor sales revenue 
  • Payout fees (expedited payment costs and cross-currency payments included) 
  • Minimum amounts paid out.
  • Additional costs as specified in the Index.

Driffle Commissions

Games, DLC's, Softwares, below 5 EUR : 5% + €0.20

Games, DLC's, Softwares, equal to and above 5 EUR : 5% + €0.25

Gift cards, Subscriptions, Game Points below 10 EUR : 4% + €0.10

Gift cards, Subscriptions, Game Points equal to and above 10 EUR : 4% + €0.20

Payout Fees

For sellers with a Eurozone bank account: 0.20% + €1

For sellers without a Eurozone bank account: 0.20% + €25