Warframe Beginner’s Guide: How To Start Playing The Online Shooter in 2024

Warframe has been around for 11 years, but it’s still got a huge fanbase. It’s fun to play and always getting cool new updates. If you’re thinking about joining, it can look a bit overwhelming, but it’s easier than it seems. If you’re interested in Warframe because of the cyberpunk vibes or the upcoming expansion, Warframe 1999, here are some tips to help you get started. So, do read this Warframe Beginner’s Guide and enjoy your next Warframe game.

First off, free-to-play games can be heavy on the info, and Warframe is no different. But here’s the deal: you don’t need to know everything to enjoy the game.

Gameplay Basics

Warframe is about completing missions where you beat up bad guys, collect loot, and upgrade your gear. There’s no major PVP element, and your progress is personal. The best way to enjoy Warframe is to take your time and do what looks fun. If you like the combat, that’s what matters!

Choosing Your Starter Gear

You get to pick one of three starting Warframes: Excalibur, Mag, or Volt. I chose Excalibur, a simple sword fighter. Mag is popular for its easy-to-use abilities, drawing enemies together for easy kills. Volt is less favoured.

Weapons come in primary, secondary, and melee categories. Go for the assault rifle over the bow unless you love bows. The secondary weapon matters less, but kunai are good for stealth. For melee, choose the sword if you’re Excalibur. Otherwise, the staff is great for hitting multiple enemies, especially if you’re using Mag.

Navigating Warframe

Warframe has a lot of routes from the start, making it easy to get lost. Focus on completing stages on each planet, shown on the Star Chart. This map guides you through the game. Don’t rush to leave Earth if you’re overwhelmed. Take it one planet at a time.

Modding Your Gear

Modding is key to progression but can be intimidating. You earn mods that boost stats like health and damage. Equip what you can as you go. Don’t overthink it initially. As you progress, you’ll learn to upgrade mods and increase your capacity. Never sell mods for credits; use the other currency for upgrading mods, which is harder to get.

Exploring the Story

The Warframe community often praises the story. It doesn’t start right away, but it gets better as you progress. The game evolved over a decade, so be patient. If you enjoy the combat and loot, the story will reveal itself in time.

Using the Warframe Wiki

The Warframe wiki is a great resource for understanding the game’s mechanics and optimizing your build. Use it when you have questions, but don’t stress over it in the beginning.


Starting Warframe can feel intimidating, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. There’s no pressure to master everything or follow the meta perfectly. Enjoy the game at your own pace. Choose what looks cool, progress through the story, and make it your own experience. Soon, you’ll be customizing your Warframe just like the veterans.

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