V Rising Survival Guide: Top 5 Tips for New Vampires

Yo, here’s your noob guide to V Rising: 5 pro tips to up your vampire game. We got you on how to start slaying in Stunlock Studios’ sick vampire survival game.

Official art for V Rising is all moody vibes with two vamps—one rocking a blade and the other packing a pistol—chillin’ in the moonlight. They’re out front while a creepy castle and a swarm of bats set the perfect spooky backdrop.

So, you think you’re ready to smash a teleporting necromancer or munch an entire bear like it’s a snack? V Rising is gonna test you with its mix of survival, crafting, and action-RPG madness, now that it’s finally rocked out of Early Access. People have been all over this game ’cause it’s giving serious 2020s Castlevania feels, and trust, it’s more than just hype.

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Alright, let’s break it down. V Rising keeps things real simple, which is cool for you but kinda sucks for peeps like who are trying to make a buck writing guides. If you’re looking for something, the game’s probably got a hint or something on-screen to help you out. But hey, here are some insider tips for your first dive into the game.

There’s this sorta tutorial always up in the top-left of your screen—don’t sleep on it. It’s your golden ticket to progressing in the game. Seems basic, but it’s super easy to miss with all the stuff going on. Follow those prompts closely, or you’ll be stuck going nowhere.

Vampires and sunlight? Nah, fam. But don’t just snooze in your coffin during the day. You can lurk in the shadows or chill in spots like cemeteries where you’re safe from the sun and can still scrap with some skeletons to stack up those bones.

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The game’s got this quirky class system based on the type and quality of blood you sip. When you’re scrapping, check the type and quality of blood your enemies have. Eat them for boosts based on their blood type, but don’t stress the details too early on. Need to heal or stay energized? Keep sipping whatever blood you can get, even if it’s from rats.

There’s a ton of useful info in the game, like the V Blood menu that unlocks as you go, offering new recipes and powers every time you defeat a boss. Keep an eye on your map too; it logs everything from bandit camps to resources, which is clutch for planning your moves, day or night.

That’s the gist, squad. Dive into V Rising, and let’s see if you got what it takes to be the top vamp.

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