Top 5 Video Games of March 2024

The year commenced with absolute banger video games like Palworld, Helldivers 2, Skull and Bones, Tekken 8, and more! While 2024 isn’t running short on titles, we felt it to be the perfect time to update you all with the top 5 video games of March! 

From adventure to graphics to action, these games have everything packed into them! Here are our top 5 Games of March that you should definitely check out! 

1. Dragon’s Dogma 2 

Release Date: 22nd March, 2024 
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

It’s everything that you’ve enjoyed in the first part but enhanced for the better. Dive helmet-first into Dragon’s Dogma 2, where the game’s world is so expansive you’ll need breadcrumbs to find your way back to reality! 

With a wild collection of monsters that haven’t read the “don’t bother the hero” memo and Pawns that make the solo play feel like a party in your honor, this game’s physics, AI, and mesmerizing graphics are perfect for teleporting you straight into this fantasy world. Gear up for an adventure where your choices carve the path into this immersive world, and you’ll start mistaking pigeons for griffins. Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes the top spot in our March roster, making this our top action-adventure RPG pick. 

2. Princess Peach Showtime! 

Release Date: 22nd March, 2024
Platform: Nintendo Switch

In Princess Peach: Showtime!, the royal highness of the Mushroom Kingdom leaps into the spotlight of heroism—with a wardrobe that would make a pop star jealous! The days of simple hop-and-bop are gone as Peach now dives into a treasure trove of costumes and personas, each more dazzling than the last, to thwart the nefarious plans of Wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch. With a flick of her costume change, she’s a chef, a martial artist, a detective, or a swashbuckler, wielding new abilities that add zest, punches, mysteries, and swipes to her journey to save the Sparkle Theater. 

Each stage is a curtain call for Peach’s versatility and proves that saving the day is not just about the power-ups but how you wear them. Delve into this mesmerizing adventure into your world of comfort gaming as you experience the thrill of the unknown and improvise, adapt, and overcome the worst acts put up by your enemies! 

3. South Park: Snow Day! 

Release Date: 26th March, 2024
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Ditch the textbooks and grab your parka for SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY!, where the infamous foursome of Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny ditch the old 2D playbook for a wild, 3D snowball fight of epic proportions. Don’t bother with the side-scrolling and RPG; quests for this one are action-packed and combat as fierce as a food fight in the cafeteria. Take out your jackets and parkas as a blizzard has turned South Park into a winter wonderland of chaos, giving the gang the ultimate excuse to unleash mayhem on the snow-covered streets.

Team up with three of your coolest (literally) friends and dive into a world where school’s out forever (or at least until the snow melts), battling everyone brave enough to stick their mittens out the door. SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! promises laughter, chaos, and all kinds of shenanigans that can only happen when Cartman yells, “Respect my authoritah!” with a snowball in hand. 

4. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition

Release Date: 21st March, 2024
Platform: PC

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition crashes onto PC, bringing Aloy’s robot-dino-wrangling adventures to life with dazzling detail. This isn’t just the game you love. It’s supercharged with The Burning Shores DLC, guaranteeing your journey gets even wilder with each turn. Bask in the freedom of unlocked frame rates, tailor your visual experience with deep graphic customization, and enjoy crystal-clear visuals thanks to DLSS support. 

Ready your rig: it’s time to dive deep into mysteries with a side of spectacular scenery. Welcome to the wild, wild West, where the grass is greener (and more animated) than ever!

5. Alone in the Dark

Release Date: 20th March, 2024 
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Dive into the reimagined classic Alone in the Dark, where the 1992 survival-horror gem gets a contemporary twist, leaving the obsolete fixed cameras in the dust for an over-the-shoulder thrill ride. Join Emily and Edward as they crack the mystery of Jeremy Hartwood’s disappearance in the (allegedly) sinister Derceto Manor.

Don’t mistake it for a nostalgia trip, for it’s a full-blown exploration into a mansion dripping with gothic horror that is now more immersive and spine-tingling than ever. Prepare to face the eldritch horrors within, with every shadow promising new frights. Welcome back to the dark; just don’t expect to be alone. 


As March marches out, it leaves behind a treasure trove of gaming experiences that are as diverse as they are thrilling. Be it battling the Dragons and avoiding the plague, becoming a master of the performing arts when you take on the role of the royal princess of Mushroom Land, wreaking havoc at your school on a snowy day, or creeping through haunted halls with a flashlight in hand, there’s something on this list to capture your imagination and shall have you covered for the next month in advance!