Top 5 Games You Shouldn’t Miss This May 2024

Hey Gamer! We are here again with the Top 5 games you can’t miss this May 2024. These include highly anticipated new releases, significant updates, and some indie titles causing buzz. This blog post will explore each of these games, discussing their key features, gameplay mechanics, storylines, and why they are worth checking out. Come on, gamers! Get your smartphones or paper and pens ready to note these down ASAP!

Get ready, gamers! As we gear up for May 2024, the gaming landscape will explode with diversity and excitement. This month, there’s a game for every taste and skill level, from the high-octane thrill of big-budget AAA titles to the innovative charm of indie games. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re a fan of heart-pounding shooters, brain-teasing strategy games, immersive RPGs, or charming puzzle games, May’s lineup is set to deliver a gaming experience you won’t forget. Let’s dive into the top 5 games you should be hyped for.

1. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Metacritic- 86
Release date- January 18, 2024
Genre: Action role-playing game, Adventure game, Fighting game, Shooter Video Game, Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Venture on a mythical adventure in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where ancient lore and modern gameplay fuse into an enthralling narrative. Set against the backdrop of a forgotten kingdom, this game revives the classic franchise with a fresh, action-packed twist.

Master a combat-style blend as you navigate the game’s challenges. From sword fighting and archery to strategic magical confrontations, The Lost Crown offers a diverse fighting experience. Players can enjoy meticulously designed mechanics that encourage a mix of agility, strategy, and quick reflexes, making each battle unique.

Journey across expansive landscapes, from sun-scorched deserts to lush palaces hidden within the mountains. Each environment is meticulously crafted, offering beauty and complex terrain for your tactical advantage. Exploration is rewarded with secrets that delve deeper into the game’s rich lore and history.

Develop your character through a robust system that allows for detailed customisation. Equip enchanted armours and legendary weapons, each enhancing different aspects of your abilities. Crafting plays a crucial role, enabling the creation of unique gear tailored to suit various playstyles.

The narrative of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a compelling tapestry of betrayal, magic, and heroism. As the Prince, you are tasked with reclaiming the lost royal artefact that is key to saving your kingdom from an ancient curse. The story unfolds with rich cinematic detail, drawing players deeper into the game’s immersive world.

2. Enshrouded

Metacritic- 80
Release date- January 24, 2024
Genre: Action role-playing game, Adventure game, Fighting game, Shooter Video Game, Adventure
Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Steam

In the aftermath of your ancestors’ catastrophic quest for power, the realm of Embervale has fallen into darkness and decay. Enshrouded is a thrilling action RPG and survival game set in a vast, voxel-based, open world. As a player, you embark on an epic journey through mountains and deserts, crafting your destiny and uncovering the buried tales of this once-great land.

Starting with nothing more than sheer willpower, you must navigate the wilds of a kingdom swallowed by catastrophe. Scavenge through the remnants of the past, from dense forests to deep caves and eerie dungeons, in search of treasures and hidden knowledge. Strengthen yourself to confront the Shroud, the evil force that devours the land, turning flora and fauna into nightmarish creatures.

Engage in intense, action-packed combat where every fight is a chance to demonstrate your prowess. Battle against diverse enemies like the Scavengers of the forest, the Vukah lurking in caves, and the terrifying Fell creatures amidst the fog. Utilise various weapons and spells, perfecting your fighting style through a rich skill tree system. Master the art of combat with agile dodging, precise parrying, and strategic counterattacks.

Rebuild Embervale using advanced voxel-based building mechanics that allow for grand architectural creations. Design structures that serve as your refuge and attract NPCs who help unlock sophisticated crafting workshops. Enshrouded also offers a cooperative gameplay experience for up to 16 players. Join forces, assigning roles based on complementary skills, to raid dungeons, gather resources, and fend off the Fell hordes. 

As you travel the shrouded landscapes, piece together the story of Embervale’s rise and fall. Unlock the ancient power of the Flame to combat the darkness and uncover a portrayal of magic, ruin, hope, and redemption. Every step in Embervale is a step towards restoring its lost glory.

3. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Metacritic- 92
Release date- February 29, 2024
Genre: Adventure game
Platform: PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the epic retelling of one of the most beloved stories in video game history, expanding on the original’s narrative with stunning modern graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics. This instalment invites players to delve deeper into the rich world and complex characters that have captivated audiences for decades.

Experience a seamless blend of action-packed combat and deep storytelling as you explore a familiar and new world. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth enhances the classic formula with real-time battles and strategic elements that challenge newcomers and series veterans. The game’s RPG mechanics allow for profound character development and customisation, giving players complete control over their play style.

Journey through meticulously recreated locations from the original game alongside entirely new areas that expand the lore of Final Fantasy VII. Each zone is crafted with attention to detail, offering visually stunning landscapes and environments that impact gameplay, from bustling city streets to desolate wastelands.

While maintaining a solid focus on a single-player narrative, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces innovative multiplayer features that allow players to experience key moments of the story together. These cooperative segments enhance the storytelling experience and integrate smoothly with the primary campaign.

Combat in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth combines real-time action with a tactical pause feature, allowing players to plan their attacks and exploit enemy weaknesses effectively. The game’s diverse weapons and magic spells can be customised to cater to different combat strategies, ensuring that each encounter can be approached in multiple ways.

The story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth deepens the mysteries introduced in earlier entries, with new twists and revelations that provide fresh insights into the world and its characters. The narrative is enriched with cinematic cutscenes that bring dramatic plot points to life, ensuring a compelling and emotionally engaging experience.

4. Alone In The Dark

Metacritic- 64
Release date- March 20, 2024
Genre: Action-adventure game
Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Alone in the Dark is set in the eerie corridors of the infamous Derceto Mansion. Players assume the role of a protagonist trapped in a nightmarish scenario. The game seamlessly blends psychological horror with physical threats as players encounter supernatural creatures and unravel a spine-chilling mystery. The narrative-driven adventure delves deep into themes of isolation and paranoia, enhanced by a compelling soundtrack that heightens the sense of dread.

Combat is strategic, requiring players to use their wits as much as their weapons. Limited resources and the relentless tension of the unknown force players to make every action count. Puzzle-solving remains a core aspect of gameplay, challenging players to think critically under pressure.

5. STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection

Metacritic- 60
Release date- March 14, 2024
Genre: Action game
Platform: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S

STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection brings together the beloved classics of the Star Wars Battlefront series, remastered for the modern era. Fans of the franchise and newbies alike will appreciate the revitalised visuals and smoother gameplay that remain true to the original spirit of the games. The collection features massive battles on iconic Star Wars locations from different eras, including the icy plains of Hoth, the lush forests of Endor, and the dusty streets of Mos Eisley.

Players can choose to fight for the Rebellion, the Empire, the Republic, or the Separatists, engaging in large-scale conflicts with various vehicles and classes at their disposal. Each character class offers unique abilities and weaponry, ensuring diverse tactics and strategies in battle.

The multiplayer experience is central to the collection, allowing players to relive the epic battles with or against friends in online modes. Additionally, improvements to the AI system ensure a challenging and rewarding single-player experience.


May 2024 is an exciting month for gamers, with various games catering to different tastes and interests. Whether you’re into heart-pounding adventures, strategic battles, or immersive role-playing, this month has something to offer to keep you entertained for hours. Take advantage of these latest incredible gaming experiences!

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