The Outlast Trials Review

The Outlast series has been terrifying players since its first instalment and is renowned for its relentless tension and psychological horror. The latest entry, The Outlast Trials, adds a new twist to the formula by incorporating cooperative gameplay elements. Set during the Cold War in a mysterious Soviet-era experiment facility, this review will delve into the game’s mechanics, narrative, multiplayer features, graphics, and overall impact to determine whether it successfully scares as a team effort.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Outlast Trials revolutionises the series’ traditional gameplay by introducing cooperative elements. Up to four players can face the horrors together. This change significantly impacts the game’s dynamics, emphasising teamwork and strategy to steer challenges.

Stealth and Survival

Stealth remains a core component, with players needing to avoid ever-more cunning enemies. The survival horror aspect is intensified by the need to manage resources among teammates, making every bandage, battery, and hiding spot crucial for survival.

Interaction and Team Coordination

The game introduces mechanics for team interaction, including coordinated distraction techniques and the ability to help or hinder one another. This can lead to thrilling moments of cooperation or desperate scrambles as enemies catch players.

Visuals and Audio

The Outlast Trials leverages advanced graphics technology to create a visually disturbing Cold War setting. The attention to detail in the decrepit testing facility adds layers to the chilling atmosphere. Lighting plays a pivotal role, with dynamic shadows and limited light sources enhancing the fear of the unknown.

The sound design is meticulously crafted to increase tension, using eerie soundscapes and sudden noises to unsettle players. Audio cues are particularly effective in multiplayer, where the sound of a teammate’s distress can be a crucial indicator of danger.

Narrative and Setting

Set during the Cold War, The Outlast Trials explores themes of control, fear, and betrayal through its narrative. The story is revealed through environmental storytelling and interactions with other test subjects, providing glimpses into the dark experiments conducted in the facility.

Characters and Development

The characters in The Outlast Trials are designed to be relatable yet flawed, each bringing their backstory to the experiment. This adds a personal dimension to the horror, as players fight to survive and confront their character’s pasts.

Multiplayer Experience

Introducing multiplayer to the Outlast series adds a new level of engagement. The game’s design encourages players to work together, creating shared terror and relief moments. However, this can also lead to frustration when coordination fails, potentially impacting the horror experience for some players.

Performance and Technical Aspect

The Outlast Trials runs well on various systems, though it requires a decent setup to handle its detailed environments and effects optimally. Some players have reported bugs that can disrupt gameplay or immersion, but updates have been regularly released to address these issues.


The Outlast Trials successfully extends the franchise into multiplayer horror, maintaining the series’ signature atmosphere while adding new layers of teamwork and strategy. The game’s setting, enhanced by top-notch audio and visuals, creates a convincingly terrifying experience that is amplified when shared with others.


For fans of horror games looking for a new way to experience fear, The Outlast Trials offers a unique opportunity to do so with friends. While the shift to multiplayer may alter the traditional Outlast formula, the essence of survival horror remains, making it a thrilling, if horrifying, addition to any gamer’s library.