Steelrising Review: Epic RPG with a Twist on the French Rev

Steelrising: A Cool New Take on Action RPGs

Steelrising is like your typical action RPG but set in an alt-French Revolution with robots! It’s pretty wild and stands out from the usual game vibes. Let’s dive into what makes Steelrising lit with this Steelrising Review.

Gameplay Vibes

The combat in Steelrising is all about being slick and strategic. You play as a customizable robot packed with dope weapons and moves. Think tough battles that need you to be on your A-game, kinda like those hardcore souls-like games.

Story and Setting

Picture Paris, 1789, but instead of the usual historical stuff, there are robots everywhere because the king is trying to squash a rebellion with tech. The mix of real history and sci-fi is super engaging and makes exploring Paris a blast.

Graphics and Smoothness

Steelrising looks amazing—like, the graphics are seriously stunning. The old-school Paris streets and fancy places are all detailed and add major feels to the game. Plus, it runs super smooth on most setups, so no lag to kill your vibe.


You’ll want to hit replay on this game. With different ways to tackle battles and lots of side quests, you can switch things up for a new experience every time. Plus, discovering hidden spots is a whole side quest.

Final Thoughts

Steelrising is more than just another action RPG. With its unique setting and challenging gameplay, it’s perfect for gamers who dig a mix of fantasy and history. Whether you’re all about RPGs or just looking fRPGor something fresh, Steelrising is worth checking out.

It’s definitely a game that keeps you coming back for more, especially if you like getting deep into stories and mastering tough fights. Dive in and let this alt-revolution take you for a spin!

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