Steam: Dropping 15 Hot Indie Games straight out of India, including Kamla, Brocula, Mukti, and More—go to Wishlist!

Yo, gamers! Steam is about to bless us with 15 hot indie games developed in India, and every gamer should explore them at least once. From horror vibes in Kamla to life simulators and even racing games, there’s something here for everyone. So, slide over to Steam and hit that wishlist button on these gems because they’re almost ready to drop.


Get ready to chill your bones with Kamla, crafted by the wizards at Mad-Mantra Games. If survival horror’s your jam, you’ll be exorcising demons in no time. Priest mode on! It is dropping May 6, so wishlist now to catch it fresh.

Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers

Turn-based fans, assemble! From the creators of Crimson Tactics, this RPG plunges you into medieval fantasy warfare. Get a sneak peek at the demo before it launches on May 7.


Prateek Jadhwani’s cooking up Brocula, where you play a vampire figuring out modern life. Fish, work, and vamp it up. You are coming to haunt your PC on May 9.

Detective Dotson

From Masala Games, Detective Dotson is a murder mystery with a desi twist. A demo is available if you want to try cracking the case early. The total release drops in Q3 2024.

Laser Tanks

AbhiTechGames says it straight—Laser Tanks is all about blasting aliens with laser tanks. Dive into the demo for some arcade action, which will be released sometime this year.

Mechanical Fury

FPS lovers, this one’s for you. Avian Hearts brings you Mechanical Fury, where speed and mechs collide. It’s coming to you this year, 2024.

Sojourn Past

Do you like pixel art and bullet-hell chaos? Check out Sojourn Past from ReDimension, which is based in Nagaland. It’s deep and deals with grief.


Fishbowl is a slice-of-life game in which you play the role of a 21-year-old tackling a new city and big feelings. Keep an eye out for it.

Project Madras

Have you ever wanted to explore Chennai in a game? Project Madras lets you live it up in Tamil Nadu’s capital with dynamic weather and a bustling city vibe.

Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown

For those into neon and synthwave, Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown is your racing fix. Customise rides and dodge obstacles in this multiplayer thrill.


Take to the stars in Meteora by Big Boot Games. Dodge, power up, and race through space. It’s as cool as it sounds.

The Palace on the Hill

Dive into a fictional 90s rural India in The Palace on the Hill. Manage a tea shop and get lost in a romantic tale. It is coming to PC and mobile.


Mukti is an exploratory game set in an Indian museum that tackles human trafficking. It is available on PS5 and PC.

Occult Chambers

This third-person action-horror set in the Himalayas will have you solving puzzles and battling dark forces. BornMonkie’s Occult Chambers is one to watch for.

Spirit of the Backwaters

Get your entrepreneurial spirit on in Spirit of the Backwaters. Brew some toddy and manage your shop. You are dropping in Q2 2025.


Here is the list of new 15 indie games developed in India from various categories that will be released this year. Which one are you going to try first? Get those wishlists ready, and let’s get the game on!

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