Lego Fortnite: How to Get Rough Amber and Cut Amber

Lego Fortnite, the open-world, Minecraft-style survival game within Fortnite, has become insanely popular since its release. Just like many games in this genre, it features a ton of collectable materials scattered around its various biomes that serve all kinds of useful purposes. One of these materials is Amber. This guide will cover how to acquire Amber in its Rough Amber form and how to turn that into Cut Amber.

How Rough Amber Is Obtained In Lego Fortnite

Rough Amber can only be found in the Dry Valley biome, located in the desert region of Lego Fortnite. This biome is easily recognizable by its sandy mountains and the cactuses spread all over the place. While exploring the tall rocks in this biome, gold-looking crystals growing out of the sides of the rocks will be seen, and these crystals are Rough Amber.

In order to successfully mine Rough Amber, some preparations are necessary. Building a staircase might be required to reach the crystals if a natural path isn’t already available. Once access is secured, a Tier 2 Uncommon or higher level pickaxe will be needed to mine the Rough Amber. Additionally, the intense heat of the desert sun can be a problem, so carrying the Cool-Headed Charm or some Snowberries is a must to avoid overheating while mining the materials.

How Cut Amber Is Obtained In Lego Fortnite

After collecting Rough Amber from the Dry Valley, it needs to be brought to a Gem Cutter Station to be transformed into Cut Amber. Crafting a Gem Cutter Station at the base is necessary to process gem materials and make them usable for crafting other items. The following materials will be required to craft a Gem Cutter Station:

  • 20 Marble Slabs
  • 5 Rough Amber
  • 5 Sand Claws
  • 3 Sand Shells

Once these materials have been gathered, the Gem Cutter Station can be crafted and placed at the base. Rough Amber can then be put inside the machine. Depending on the quantity of Rough Amber placed inside, a few seconds of waiting will be required for the process to complete. Once done, Cut Amber will be ready for use. Cut Amber is extremely valuable as it can be used to craft rare axes, which are essential for mining resources like cactus, granite, and knot wood. Moreover, Cut Amber can also be used to upgrade the village and craft an Essence Table, which is crucial for making even rarer items and further upgrading the base.


In Lego Fortnite, acquiring Rough Amber and turning it into Cut Amber is a crucial part of advancing in the game. Rough Amber is found in the Dry Valley biome and requires specific tools and preparations to mine. Once collected, a Gem Cutter Station is needed to process Rough Amber into Cut Amber, which is then used for crafting rare items and upgrading the village. By following these steps, players can efficiently gather and utilize Amber to enhance their gameplay experience in Lego Fortnite.