Here’s When Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Is Dropping

Get Ready for the Big Drop!

Elden Ring’s highly anticipated expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, is dropping later this week, and the hype is real! Whether you’re a lorehound or just looking for a solid excuse to dive back into the game of 2022, Shadow of the Erdtree promises to be massive. You’re probably going to want to jump in as soon as possible to avoid any spoilers.

Official Release Schedule

Ahead of the launch, the official Elden Ring Twitter account posted a graphic detailing the expansion’s release schedule, including local time zones and the exact time players should expect it to be available.

When Can You Start Playing?

Shadow of the Erdtree won’t be launching simultaneously worldwide. Here’s the breakdown:

  • North America: The expansion launches on consoles at 9 PM PDT on June 20, and it’ll be available on the East Coast at midnight on the 21st.
  • PC vs. Console Times: PC players will get the DLC at 3 PM PDT on June 20.
  • Europe and Asia: Console players can access Shadow of the Erdtree at midnight local time. For PC, the launch is usually off by an hour or two.

Preloading Details

Unfortunately, this benefit is reserved for PlayStation owners who are eager to preload and jump in right away. Elden Ring players on PS4 and PS5 can begin preloading Shadow of the Erdtree 48 hours before launch in their respective regions. Xbox and PC players must wait and download the DLC at launch.

Prepping for the Expansion

Until the expansion drops, there’s plenty you can do to prepare. One of the key tasks is defeating Mohg, the optional boss you need to beat to access Shadow of the Erdtree. So get cracking, and I’ll see you in the Land of Shadows soon!

Quick Recap

  • North America Launch: 9 PM PDT (consoles), 3 PM PDT (PC) on June 20
  • Europe and Asia Launch: Midnight local time (consoles). PC times vary
  • Preloading: Available for PS4 and PS5 48 hours before launch on Driffle
  • Prepare: Defeat Mohg to access the new content

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