Helldivers 2 Game Review

For all of you who have wished to be a part of the Starship Troopers universe but with your own twist, then Helldivers 2 is the ideal pick for you! The sequel to the blockbuster co-op shooter has taken the gaming world by storm! Compatible with PlayStation and PC, it is the perfect pick for someone looking for some gory action sequences! Sit back and combat as brawny space marines against gigantic monsters like insects and robots alike! Well, if we eliminate the basic server errors, then, of course, it’s perfection packed into a game! 

The Insider on Helldivers 2

This sequel to the hit cooperative shooter has captivated gamers everywhere. Available on PlayStation and PC, it’s an excellent selection for those in search of intense, bloody action. Take on the role of muscular space marines battling against enormous adversaries such as insects and robots! Of course, the server and bugs (no, we don’t mean the nasty monsters or the gory action with the robots, but the ones that make you swear at your computer) may make you slightly cranky; however, with time and updates, this game is a 2024 must-have and here’s why we think so too:

1. Setting and Gameplay: We know it’s Outer Space, but there’s more! 

Helldivers 2 gameplay image

The Earth has become Super Earth, and as you could guess, it’s the future, thus making it a typical sci-fi ploy! Super Earth is under the threat of alien monsters from distant planets that are rich in precious minerals (you might want to note this down for later). 

While most of us fretted about the fact that it could potentially take away the fun of the close-knit combat that the original game offered, it’s safe to say that we’re not in the least bit disappointed. With loads of new enemies and even more ways to kill them, you’ll never be short of action in any way. (by the way, there are even more fun ways to die!) 

Death, throughout the gameplay, is inevitable. Still, the best part about it is the fact that it doesn’t throw you off your game but gets you to pick your weapons and fight better or perhaps urges you to take a break and drink water (get up and drink water, you shrimp, and no, we don’t mean energy drinks!) 

Commence with a simple spaceship and a plain warrior and then embark on a journey to a nearby planet. Upon landing, you start the process of introducing the native inhabitants to the concept of militarized democracy. Each player, regardless of whether you go solo or choose the co-op gameplay method, shall be equipped with primary and secondary firearms, including shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and pistols, along with grenades. Strategems are special weapons and objects that could span from a collection of orbital missile strikes to defensive shields and automated machine gun turrets, depending upon the summoning moment.

2. Helldivers 2 Missions: An undefeatable objective! 

helldivers 2 missions image

Missions in action games matter as much as proper world-building in adventure games! With Helldivers, you can never get easily bored with the missions, which span from realigning necessary communication equipment to raising patriotic flags to go for the gore, destroying bases, and unleashing havoc upon your enemies! You may also be sent to explore abandoned research stations to procure Samples necessary for all the upgrades, which will determine the number of medals you receive! 

Users have given inputs with respect to not feeling the urge to excessively purchase other currencies for smooth functioning gameplay with additional features. (include the missions, including leaderboards, etc.) Well, at the end of the day, support is just a click away. 

While the diversity of the planets expands from different terrains altogether, there is always the contention of being unable to explore more than a few planets at a time. The missions may feel redundant after some time, yet the grind is worth finishing this game, for the complexity of each mission with growing difficulty shall ultimately test your mettle as a player! 

3. Co-op Experience: Bring a buddy or matchmake with one online

Helldivers 2 co-op experience image

However, we’d recommend co-op gameplay for Helldivers 2, which is the ultimate action co-op experience! Gang up with buddies and kill the foulest monsters, the vilest bugs, and the strongest robots! The game is never short of action, and the co-op missions make it all the more fun and playable. The series is known for its multiplayer playway in addition to random matchmaking that allows you to put your skills to the test by playing with different kinds of people. 


While the game sports several bugs, especially on the PC version, with the speed of the ongoing updates, the studios will likely deliver a relatively bug-free game by mid-summer! The wait to become a part of this fantastic intergalactic universe is over with Helldivers 2. It’s a classic hit and an action must-have for this year, with constant scope for engagement over time. Beginners and pro players alike can play it with equal zest and enthusiasm!