GTA VI Targeting Fall 2025 Release, Take-Two Confirms

For years, the release date for Grand Theft Auto VI has been a topic of intense speculation and excitement. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has now provided a clearer timeline. In its latest earnings report, Take-Two confirmed that GTA VI is slated for release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in fall 2025.

Take-Two stated, “We’re narrowing Rockstar Games’ release window for GTA VI to fall 2025. We’re super confident Rockstar will deliver an amazing game, and our expectations keep growing.”

According to Kotaku, the release window shifted from early 2025 to the second half of the year, with a potential risk of slipping into 2026. To meet this new deadline, Rockstar has been calling remote developers back to the office. This move comes in the wake of a significant hack in 2022 that leaked early development footage, increasing the anticipation and urgency surrounding the game’s release.

The first trailer of GTA VI

Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA VI late last year, offering fans a glimpse into the new game. The trailer revealed that the game is set in a fictional version of Florida and features two main characters, a man and a woman. Since then, fans have been meticulously analyzing the trailer and various leaks to uncover more details about the game’s mechanics, storyline, and setting.

Upcoming gaming events

Upcoming gaming events, such as the PlayStation showcase later this month and the Xbox event in June, might provide more information about GTA VI. However, Rockstar is known for its unique approach to announcements and might choose to reveal more details closer to the release date.

The hype surrounding GTA VI has been steadily building for years. Every piece of news or rumor about the game generates significant buzz across the internet. The recent update from Take-Two, while not providing an exact release date, has narrowed the release window to fall 2025, which is more specific than the previous 2025 timeline.

High-quality releases

Rockstar Games is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality releases, setting new standards in the gaming industry with each title. Fans eagerly await to see the innovations and surprises that GTA VI will bring. The company is expected to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, continuing its tradition of excellence.

In preparation for the release, Rockstar has been implementing internal changes. After the 2022 hack that leaked early footage, the company has been working diligently to maintain security and ensure the development process stays on track. By calling remote developers back to the office, Rockstar aims to ensure everything is ready for the big launch.

The first trailer provided a tantalizing look at what to expect. Set in a fictionalized version of Florida, the game features two protagonists, a man and a woman, promising a fresh dynamic and new storytelling opportunities. Fans have been eagerly dissecting every frame of the trailer for hints about the game’s mechanics, story, and world.

While fans hope for more information at upcoming gaming events, Rockstar might choose to keep further details under wraps until closer to the release date. Given the company’s track record, this approach would not be surprising.

GTA V and GTA Online have remained incredibly popular for over a decade, and the expectations for GTA VI are extremely high. It appears that Rockstar is taking its time to ensure the new game meets or even exceeds these expectations. Unfortunately for PC players, the initial launch will be exclusive to consoles, but a PC release is likely to follow eventually, based on Rockstar’s history.


As the release date draws nearer, anticipation will continue to grow. GTA VI is poised to be one of the biggest game releases of all time, and fans worldwide are eagerly counting down the days until they can experience it.