Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Guide For Survival

Yo, Tarnished newbies! Heard the hype about Elden Ring’s latest DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree? Yeah, it’s dropping soon, and the rumours are true: the Shadowlands ain’t no walk in the park. Giant creepy crawlies, spectral knights with major FOMO, and enough spooky vibes to make you question your life choices – it’s gonna be lit (and terrifying).

But fear not, fellow gamer! This guide is your one-stop shop for surviving the Shadowlands. We’ll break down everything you need to know, from gear essentials to boss-beating tactics. So grab your controller (or keyboard, we don’t judge), crack open a G FUEL (stay hydrated!), and let’s prep for some epic (and maybe rage-inducing) adventures.

Gear Up for the Gloom: Essential Shadowlands Kit

First things first, gotta make sure you’re rocking the right swag for the Shadowlands. The vibes here are dark and gloomy, so expect chilly nights and spectral shenanigans. Here’s what you need to prioritize:

  • Armour: Ditch the chainmail bikini (sorry, fashion souls) and go for something heavy-duty. Black Knight armor is a classic for a reason, but anything with good physical and magic defense will work.
  • Weapons: Since you’ll be facing all sorts of creepy crawlies and spectral foes, a good mix of physical and magical damage is key. A trusty longsword for close encounters and a staff or spells for ranged attacks will keep you covered. Don’t forget a good shield – those spectral knights love a good bonk to the face.
  • Talismans: The Erdtree Favor +2 is a must-have for the HP boost, and the Ancestral Spirit Horn is clutch for those clutch moments when you need to summon help (we all need a homie sometimes). Consider the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman for extra magic defense, especially against those pesky spectral casters.
  • Flask of Crimson Tears and Cerulean Tears: These are your lifelines, so keep them topped up at all times. You’ll be dodging spectral swipes and chugging Estus like it’s going out of style. Consider using a Tear of Denial for an extra life – trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to upgrade your gear! The Shadowlands are no place for rusty swords and flimsy armor. Spend those hard-earned Runes on upgrades and keep your character battle-ready.

Light Up the Night: Essential Shadowlands Items

The Shadowlands are, well, shadowy. Like, seriously dark. You’ll need some essentials to navigate this gloomy landscape:

  • Lantern: This is a no-brainer. A good lantern will help you see those pesky traps and avoid surprise spectral ambushes. The Nightjar lantern is a solid choice, but any light source will do.
  • Torch: For those extra-dark corners and creepy dungeons, a torch can be a lifesaver. Plus, you can use it to set stuff on fire (because why not?).
  • Holy Trinity of Crafting Materials: Golden Feces (gross, we know), Starlight Shards, and Ghost Glovewort will be your crafting besties. You’ll need them to craft essential items like arrows, bombs, and (most importantly) Bone Darts. Seriously, Bone Darts are your secret weapon against those pesky spectral enemies. Trust us.

Pro Tip: Stock up on these crafting materials whenever you can. You never know when you’ll need to craft an explosive surprise for a wandering spectral knight.

Boss Beating Basics: Bringing Down the Shadowland Big Bads

The Shadowlands are crawling with nightmarish bosses, each with their own set of attacks and creepy vibes. Here are some general tips to conquer these monstrous foes:

  • Learn Their Moves: Every boss has a tell. Watch their attack patterns, dodge strategically, and exploit any openings for a counter-attack. Patience is key – don’t get greedy and try to land that massive blow before you’ve learned their moveset. You’ll regret it (trust us, we’ve been there).
  • Summon Help: Don’t be afraid to summon a friendly cooperator or even good ol’ Mimic Tear. Having an extra body to distract the boss can be the difference between victory and defeat. Plus, who doesn’t love some jolly cooperation?
  • Use the Environment: The Shadowlands are full of environmental hazards. Lure the boss near a giant pit of despair or a strategically placed explosive barrel – a little creative destruction can go a long way.

Enemy Encounters: Navigating the Shadowy Squad

The Shadowlands aren’t just a playground for colossal bosses. Prepare to face a whole new roster of creepy-crawlies and spectral foes. Here’s a quick rundown of some common enemies and how to deal with them:

  • Spectral Knights: These guys are like the edgy goth versions of the regular knights you’ve encountered. They’re fast, hit hard, and love spamming spectral attacks. Dodge their lunges, utilize magic defense talismans, and counter with physical attacks. Bonus points if you can land a parry and get a sweet riposte in.
  • Shadow Lurkers: These creepy shadowy blobs lurk in the darkness and love to ambush unsuspecting Tarnished. Light ’em up with your trusty lantern, then unleash a barrage of holy damage (they’re weak to that stuff).
  • Giant Crawlies: Ugh, these guys. They’re big, they’re gross, and they love to spam poison attacks. Fire and blunt damage are your friends here. Consider using a weapon like the Great Mace or even a fire spell to send these creepy crawlies back to the nightmare realm.
  • Lost Souls: These wispy little guys are annoying but not particularly dangerous. However, they can inflict a nasty curse that drains your health slowly. Bone Darts are your best bet here. These holy projectiles one-shot Lost Souls and keep you curse-free.

Pro Tip: Don’t underestimate the little guys. Even the weakest enemies can gang up and overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Stay alert and clear out smaller enemies before focusing on the bigger threats.

Exploring the Shadowlands: Finding the Fun (and the Loot!)

The Shadowlands might be dark and depressing, but they’re also packed with secrets and hidden goodies. Here are some tips for exploring this spooky new area:

  • Follow the Spectral Beacons: These glowing blue lights guide you towards key locations, dungeons, and bosses. They’re your best friends when navigating the unfamiliar landscape.
  • Listen for the Whispers: The Shadowlands are full of whispers and ghostly echoes. Sometimes, these might lead you to hidden treasures or even secret quests. Pay attention to the spooky ambience – it might hold valuable clues.
  • Leave No Crevice Unturned: The Shadowlands are full of secret nooks and crannies. Climb those creepy cliffs, explore those hidden caves – you never know what you might find. Maybe it’ll be a legendary weapon, a powerful spell, or just a cool new outfit for your Tarnished (because fashion matters, even in the Shadowlands).
  • Talk to the Spectral Shades: Occasionally, you’ll encounter friendly (or at least not-so-hostile) spectral shades wandering the land. These guys might offer cryptic advice, point you towards hidden areas, or even sell you some unique items. Be nice to them – you never know who might be a spectral Santa Claus in disguise.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore! The Shadowlands are full of surprises, so embrace the unknown and see where your adventure takes you. Just remember to pack your lantern and your Bone Darts – you’ll need them.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Go Hollow!

Seriously, the Shadowlands are a tough place. You might die a lot. It happens to the best of us. Don’t let it get you down. Learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off, and keep pushing forward. Remember, every death is a learning experience – and besides, who doesn’t love a good rage quit every now and then?

Level Up Like a Pro: Optimizing Your Tarnished for Shadowlands

Conquering the Shadowlands isn’t just about having the right gear; it’s also about having the right build for your Tarnished. Here are some tips to optimize your character for success:

  • Focus on Vigor: The Shadowlands hit hard, so prioritize increasing your Vigor stat. It determines your maximum HP; trust us, you’ll need all the health you can get.
  • Mind or Faith: Depending on your playstyle, consider investing in either Mind or Faith. Mind boosts your FP for spells and weapon arts, while Faith strengthens offensive miracles and buffs your healing potential.
  • Strength or Dexterity: This choice depends on your preferred weapon type. Strength builds focus on heavy weapons like greatswords and hammers, while Dexterity builds favour faster, lighter weapons like katanas and daggers.
  • Don’t Neglect Arcane: While not as essential for all builds, Arcane can be incredibly useful. It boosts certain weapons and incantations, and who doesn’t love a good bleed build to melt those creepy Shadow Lurkers?

Pro Tip: Remember, there’s no single “best” build. Experiment with different stats and weapons to find what works best for your playstyle. Don’t be afraid to respec your character at the Rennala’s Rebirthing cocoon if you want to try something new.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Shadowlands Tactics

For those Tarnished seeking to truly master the Shadowlands, here are some advanced tactics to take your gameplay to the next level:

  • Environmental Mastery: The Shadowlands are full of environmental hazards. Learn to use them to your advantage. Lure enemies near explosive barrels, activate pressure plates to open hidden doors, and don’t be afraid to use gravity to your advantage (push those spectral knights off cliffs if you have to!).
  • Weapon Buffs and Ashes of War: Don’t forget about weapon buffs and Ashes of War! These can significantly increase your damage output and provide valuable utility. Experiment with different buffs and Ashes of War to find what works best against specific enemies.
  • Spirit Ashes for Every Situation: Spirit Ashes offer invaluable assistance in battle. Consider using different Spirit Ashes depending on the situation. Mimic Tear is great for general combat, while the Banished Knight Oleg provides a powerful melee distraction.
  • Horseback Mastery: Torrent isn’t just for getting around. Learn to utilize horseback combat strategically. Mounted attacks can be devastating against weaker enemies, and Torrent’s mobility can help you avoid powerful boss attacks.

Pro Tip: Practice makes perfect! Don’t be afraid to experiment and refine your combat skills. The more comfortable you are with your character and the environment, the easier it will be to conquer the Shadowlands.

This guide has hopefully equipped you with the knowledge and (hopefully) the memes to survive (and maybe even thrive) in Elden Ring’s spooky new DLC. Remember, the Shadowlands are a challenging but rewarding experience. Embrace the darkness, conquer your fears, and most importantly, have fun! Just don’t go hollow, and for the love of the Erdtree, keep those Bone Darts stocked up.

See you in the Shadowlands, fellow Tarnished!

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