Review On Soulmask- Is Soulmask Worth Your Time?

In the vast landscape of survival games, Soulmask stands out with its unique blend of exploration, combat, and strategy. Developed by CampFire Studio and published by Qooland Games, this game offers an engaging experience for those who love immersing themselves in intricate gameplay mechanics. Here’s a comprehensive look at what makes Soulmask a noteworthy addition to the survival genre.

The Gameplay Loop

At the heart of Soulmask is a captivating gameplay loop that revolves around collecting various mystical masks. Each mask provides unique abilities, adding a strategic layer to your adventures. Players explore diverse dungeons and ruins, confront formidable bosses, and expand their base and empire through strategic building and resource management​.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Soulmask is its tribe system, where players can recruit NPCs to perform tasks and automate processes within their base. This system not only streamlines resource management but also enhances the overall survival experience by allowing players to focus on exploration and combat​.

Combat and Boss Fights

The combat in Soulmask is fast-paced and dynamic, featuring a wide array of weapons such as dual blades, spears, hammers, and bows. Each weapon has its unique moveset and playstyle, enabling players to perform combos and special attacks that keep the combat engaging and satisfying​.

Boss fights in Soulmask are particularly challenging and require strategic thinking and perseverance. Each boss exhibits unique behaviours and attack patterns, which players must learn and adapt to. For instance, one boss, a saber-tooth tiger-like creature, has realistic behaviors that add a layer of realism and difficulty to the encounters​.

Player Reception and Popularity

Soulmask has garnered a positive reception in the gaming community, achieving a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam. Its peak player count of over 38,000 reflects its popularity and strong engagement from the player base. The game’s ability to maintain a high level of interest speaks to its well-crafted gameplay and immersive world.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its many strengths, Soulmask does have areas that could be improved. Some players have noted that the building mechanics can be complex and the sheer amount of information provided to new players can be overwhelming. These aspects might deter some players, especially those new to the survival genre. However, the overall experience remains highly positive, particularly for fans who enjoy collecting and upgrading in-game items​.


Soulmask offers a unique and immersive survival gaming experience that stands out in the crowded genre. Its engaging gameplay loop, dynamic combat system, and challenging boss fights make it an enjoyable and worthwhile game. While it has some areas that could be refined, the overall package is compelling, especially for those who appreciate a deep and strategic survival game​.

If you’re a fan of survival games with a focus on exploration, combat, and strategic building, Soulmask is definitely worth your time.

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