Aska: The Epic Viking Survival Game Releasing on June 20, 2024

Hey, gamers! Get ready for an epic adventure as Aska, the new Viking survival tribe builder game, is set to drop on June 20, 2024. Whether you’re a fan of survival games or just love everything Viking, this game is shaping up to be a must-play. Let’s break down what makes Aska so exciting and why you should mark your calendars for its release.

The Premise: Build, Survive, Thrive

1. What’s the Game About?

Aska is an open-world, third-person Viking survival game where you strive to create and manage a self-sustaining Viking tribe. After a shipwreck, you and up to three other players must band together to build a village, gather resources, and fend off dangers to survive the harsh winters and marauding threats. Think Valheim, but with more focus on community building and strategic planning​.

2. Procedurally Generated World

One of the coolest features of Aska is its procedurally generated world. This means that every playthrough offers a unique landscape filled with secrets to uncover, resources to gather, and challenges to overcome. Each game session is a fresh experience, keeping you engaged and on your toes.

Gameplay Mechanics

1. Turn-Based Tribal Management

Aska stands out with its in-depth tribal management mechanics. You can recruit and assign NPC villagers to various tasks such as crafting, hunting, and defending the village. Watching your villagers grow and contribute to the community adds a layer of satisfaction and depth to the gameplay​.

2. Resource Management and Crafting

Resource management is key to survival in Aska. Players need to collect materials to build and upgrade their village, craft weapons and tools, and prepare for the dreaded Dead Winter. The crafting system is extensive, allowing for the creation of everything from basic tools to complex structures and magical items​​.

3. Combat and Raids

Combat in Aska isn’t just about personal survival; it’s about defending your village. Raids from creatures like smolkrs and wights keep you on your toes. These enemies are smart and can flee when attacked, making strategy and preparation essential. The game also includes magical elements, allowing you to explore and harness the power of Viking mythology​.

Multiplayer Fun

1. Co-Op Gameplay

Aska offers both solo play and online co-op with up to three friends. Working together to manage your village, complete tasks, and fend off enemies makes for a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience. Cooperation and strategic planning are crucial to thriving in this Viking world​.

2. PvP and Challenges

While the main focus is on co-op survival, there are elements of PvP where you can test your skills against other players’ villages. This competitive aspect adds another layer of excitement and replayability to the game.

Visuals and Sound

1. Immersive Graphics

Aska features stunning visuals that bring the Viking world to life. The detailed environments, realistic weather effects, and beautifully designed characters make for an immersive experience. Each element of the game, from the lush forests to the snowy landscapes, is crafted to enhance the overall atmosphere​.

2. Epic Soundtrack

The game’s soundtrack is equally impressive, featuring epic orchestral pieces that perfectly complement the gameplay. The sound design helps to create a truly immersive environment, making every moment in the game feel intense and engaging.

Tips and Tricks

1. Balance Your Resources

Make sure to balance your resource gathering and production. Assign villagers to different tasks to ensure a steady supply of food, materials, and defences.

2. Build Strategically

In Aska, plan your village layout carefully. Position key buildings like the workshop, food storage, and defences in optimal locations to maximize efficiency and protection.

3. Keep an Eye on Villager Morale

Happy villagers are productive villagers. Ensure they have enough food, shelter, and safety to maintain high morale and efficiency.

4. Prepare for Raids

Always be ready for enemy raids. Build strong defences, train your villagers, and keep weapons and tools ready to fend off attacks.


Aska is set to be an exciting addition to the survival game genre, combining elements of Viking culture with deep strategic gameplay. With its release on June 20, 2024, it’s time to gather your friends, prepare for adventure, and build the ultimate Viking village. Keep an eye on this one, folks—it’s going to be epic!

Happy gaming!

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