13 Things Never to Say to a Fallout: New Vegas Fan: A Must-Read Guide

If you’re vibing with a Fallout: New Vegas fan, there are just some no-go zones for convo. Let’s spill the tea on the 13 things you should never say to a Fallout fan unless you’re looking to catch some major side-eye.

  1. Isn’t that just a worse version of Fallout 4?
    Um, excuse me? No. New Vegas fans STAN the unique storytelling and complex character arcs that set it apart. So, Nah, it’s not the same game, buddy.
  1. The graphics are so outdated.
    Okay, yes, the graphics might not be on the level of newer games, but it’s all about that nostalgic charm and deep gameplay, duh!
  1. Isn’t the game super buggy?
    I mean, it’s got its quirks, but that’s part of the charm! It’s all about the wild, unpredictable Wasteland vibes.
  1. Who cares about faction reputation anyway?
    Uhh, every true New Vegas fan? It’s all about those choices and consequences that totally change the gameplay.
  1. I just run in and shoot everything.
    Oh, sweetie, no. New Vegas is an art form of strategy and diplomacy. You’re missing out on all the juicy plot by playing it like it’s some primary shooter.
  1. I never finished it; it got boring.
    You did what now? The plot twists, turns, and intrigues! How could you not want to see what happens?
  1. Why would you play a game that old?
    Because it’s classic? It’s like saying, why to listen to The Beatles when you have auto-tune. Some things are timeless, hun.
  1. It’s just a game. Why so serious?
    Just a game? It’s a lifestyle; it’s a community. It’s so much more than just a game.
  1. Caesar’s Legion did nothing wrong.
    If that’s your take, we’ll need a serious chat about your moral compass.
  1. The game is too slow.
    It’s called atmospheric buildup, thank you very much. It’s about immersing yourself in the world, not sprinting to the finish line.
  1. All the side quests are a waste of time.
    Every side quest is a little story worth experiencing. Skip them, and you’ll missping half the heart of the game.
  1. The Mojave Desert is just a big empty space.
    It is an expansive canvas that tells a story, sets the mood, and is, frankly, pretty iconic.
  2. I liked the game better when it was glitch-free after the updates.
    Oh, so you missed out on the OG wild ride? Glitches are part of the legendary experience, giving us stories we tell repeatedly.


So, here are the 13 things you should never say to a Fallout fan. Keep it 100, respect the New Vegas love, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand why this game holds such a special place in their hearts. Game on!

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